Bringing Joy To Everyday Experience

One UI expands the possibilities of our everyday lives by providing a personalized mobile experience
that perfectly suits our needs. Now available through the Galaxy S23 series, this is the story of how One
UI 5 creates new joy in the palms of our hands.

A Seamless Camera Experience

One UI 5 focuses on an easy and intuitive camera experience to help users take great shots with the Galaxy S23 series’ camera. The journey of taking a photograph, editing it, and viewing it through the gallery have been bridged together into one seamless flow, making the camera experience naturally lead to the editing and gallery interfaces. The smooth blur effect that accompanies the transition between different modes or the slight motions in the icons are little details that complete a fluid and seamless camera experience. Furthermore, when using the Pro mode’s various features, a help tip appears on screen to guide users on adjusting the different values and settings to create certain effects. With this user-centered addition, anyone can now easily take advantage of the Pro mode to take pictures like a professional photographer.

Tips from the Designers on Using the Camera for the Galaxy S23 Series


With Nightography, you can now take crisp and clean shots even late at night. Whether you are using the camera with your hands, on a tripod, or in low lighting, it will tell you how much time the shot needs based on the situation. By minimizing your movement through the indicator displayed in the middle of the screen, you can now capture moments on your camera, even in the dark of the night.

High Resolution Picture

Galaxy S23 Ultra features the first-ever 200 MP camera that can take clear pictures of even the smallest objects. If you’re contemplating on how to set up the frame, you should first take a picture of the entire landscape in high-resolution and then crop the image to the frame you want. You will get a variety of different angles with stunning details.

Astro Hyperlapse

The Astro Hyperlapse captures the trajectory and movement of stars in the night sky in two different ways. Selecting 300x from the Hyperlapse and filming the sky filled with stars produces a video that makes you feel like you are in a planetarium. If you want to take a shot of star trails but can’t personally film for a long period of time, all you need to do is set the recording time on your device. When you come back to the phone after a restful night, you will be surprised to find incredible video footage of countless stars shooting across the sky.

Expert RAW –Galaxy S23 series supports More mode, where you can directly download Expert RAW and use it right away.


You can take pictures of stars at night using the Astrophoto mode. The duration feature lets you film for a set duration of time and the sky guide gives you information on constellations and planets to help you capture all the beauty in the night sky.

Multiple exposure

Multiple exposure is a feature that lets you create a single photo out of multiple images that are overlapped with each other. With the Continuity mode that can record movement in a single image or the Manual mode that can add patterns to a subject, there are now endless ways to be creative when taking pictures.

Remaster Picture & Remaster GIF

You can’t always take the perfect picture. This is where the Remaster Picture feature comes in to help you remove undesired blurs of light or shadows. There is also a Remaster GIF feature that turns low resolution GIF into clearer and bigger images.

Easily Create Your Own Style

The smartphone lock screen not only keeps our information safe, but is also the screen that we see the most. One UI 5 helps users fully express their styles by offering a simple and easy way to customize the lock screen. When users press down on the lock screen for a while, it changes to an editing screen. This is where users can edit and preview the background image, clock and font designs, as well as app shortcuts and notification settings. The intuitive UX helps users better navigate through the many elements of the lock screen customization process.

We all know what it feels like to get a call when we’re in an environment that is not suitable to pick up a call. Bixby Text Call is a helpful feature for such a situation. Bixby Text Call lets the caller carry on the conversation by voice, while the recipient responds by text. Bixby transcribes the caller’s speech into text, and then reads the recipient’s text response back to the caller. Answering machines or missed call messaging are one-way communication that limits the conversation. Bixby Text Call allows users to answer calls even during situations and environments like a silent library, a restroom stall, a noisy subway, or in the middle of a concert. The caller gets to continue the conversation by voice just as intended, and the recipient doesn’t have to limit their ability to take the call by responding back with text that Bixby conveniently relays to the caller without losing any context in the process.

Feeling Safe Even When Away

Description: This image describes the dark mode and the Eye comfort shield mode.Maintenance mode is a feature that keeps your personal information safe in case you have to leave the smartphone at the service center for repair. When we leave our phones at service centers, we sometimes worry about the safety of our personal information inside the device. If you turn on the Maintenance mode, the smartphone treats the next person who interacts with the smartphone as a guest and encrypts all areas where personal data is saved. The smartphone unlocks access to private areas of the phone, like photos, contacts, call history, messages, and downloaded apps only when the user inputs the password and turns off the Maintenance mode. There is also a clear and detailed step-by-step instruction and illustrations of the process that helps users understand the mode better and feel much safer when leaving their phones for repair.

Comfortable Screens Wherever You Go

As we spend more time on our smartphones, we are becoming more reliant on features like the Dark mode and Eye comfort shield to reduce strain on our eyes. To further assist users, a new Enhanced comfort feature is now available. Enhanced comfort is one of the options available for Eye comfort shield, which blocks blue light and displays the screen in a warmer tone. Enhanced comfort feature modifies the color tone and contrast ratio of images and text to help users more comfortably view their phones while reducing stimulation to the eyes. The Galaxy S23 series also comes with a much more detailed version of the Vision booster, which enhances visibility of the screen by detecting the surrounding brightness levels. Before, the Vision booster had only a single adjustment setting, but now it comes with three different settings that can accommodate different brightness levels like being outdoors on a bright sunny day, or during afternoon hours when the sun starts to set, or staying indoors near the window. The different options help users enjoy a much more naturally bright and clear screen in a variety of environments. In Sri Lanka, Samsung has been recognized as the ‘Most Loved Electronics Brand’ for three consecutive years by Brand Finance Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. As Sri Lanka’s No.1 smartphone brand, Samsung’s customer base in the country spans across all age groups, particularly the Gen Z and Millennial segments.

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