Butterflies and dinosaurs, spaceships and girl-power this avurudu – Tropic OfLinen drops its most fun collection yet!

Hold onto your hats, kiddos! The much-anticipated 2023 Avurudu Collection for kids by
Tropic Of Linen has finally arrived – and it’s packed to the brim with quirky prints and
playful detail.
With its reputation for unique and adorable festive outfits that are a cut above the rest,
Tropic Of Linen has earned a name as the go-to destination for Avurudu kids wear –
outdoing themselves year after year. This year is no exception, for the 2023 Avurudu
edit features not just one-of-a-kind designs, but also incorporates a ‘play’ element in all
of its exclusive, two-piece sets.
For the little ladies, Tropic Of Linen has taken the classic redde and hatte designs of
vintage Ceylonese tradition and spun them in to something truly unique. The result is a
stunning collection of outfits that pay homage to the beauty and charm of traditional Sri
Lankan fashion, while still being perfectly on-trend for today’s festivities.
The auspicious ‘multi-colour’ theme for this year was what influenced designer Minha
Akram to seek inspiration from the vibrant butterfly, with its beautiful myriad of colours.
“We wanted to create something different, while also bringing a sense of play to our
outfits,” she said. “Butterflies are spirited, light, fun, and filled with beauty in every
combination of colour. So, we created very wearable, play-centred outfits by building in
beautiful 3D butterfly wings on to the backs of the tops, resulting in a cross between
costume and everyday clothing.”
Girls aged 2 to 9 are in for a treat with five exciting designs to choose from. Little
mermaid fans can go pretty in pastels with a seashell motif that will make them feel like
a true sea princess.
For the bright and bold personality types, ‘Fly High Butterfly’ is the perfect fit, with its
90s girl-power and retro pop art-inspired prints.
Heralding a changing of seasons and the essence of springtime, the lovely ‘Birds and
Blossoms’ beige ensemble is for the true flower child, dancing and twirling through the
festivities in style.
The serene island girl, amidst sunny lemons and the blue ocean will be fresh, bright,
and beaming in the Santorini-inspired vintage style set.

Tropic Of Linen has also crafted a delicate and whimsical outfit filled with old world
charm and a more elegant quality -the ‘Avurudu Rose’-, featuring exquisite red roses
and flowers on a dreamy soft blue background.
Avurudu may only come once a year, but all girls’ tops have been designed to be worn
over and over again, when paired with other shorts, skirts, or trousers.
Tropic Of Linen has not forgotten the little gents of course, with sarong-shirt sets
featuring lively and contemporary prints and designs. For the toddler age group the
sarongs come in fun and cutesy prints, while the older ‘big boys’ can rock more modern
and edgy motifs. Blast off into unknown galaxies or astro surf to the stars with out of this
world space-inspired sets. Even unleash their inner dinosaur with some rock n’ roaring
outfits. Easy-to-wear expandable hidden belts come built in to each sarong, so both kids
and parents feel secure in knowing the sarong will hold up to all play!
With Tropic of Linen’s attention to detail and unwavering commitment to bringing only
the best and most stylish designs to the fore, it’s no wonder parents and kids alike flock
to the store at #1 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7 every April. Kids will love Tropic of
Linen’s play centred designs and its characteristically comfortable cotton and linen
wear, with also a strong chance to be the best dressed kid on the block this Avurudu

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