Hemas Hospitals makes national-level contribution through ‘Upakara’ initiative for deprived CKD patients

In a concerted effort to ensure healthcare equity for all Sri Lankans, the country’s
foremost trusted private healthcare provider Hemas Hospitals introduced ‘Upakara’, an unmatched
timely initiative which offers free monthly dialysis cycles to a selected number of Chronic Kidney
Disease (CKD) patients from low-income backgrounds, through Hemas Hospitals.
Hemas Hospitals’ Upakara is a one-of-a-kind initiative, contributing to the health and wellbeing of
individuals from underprivileged and less fortunate communities, who are suffering from CKD. While
most individuals face difficulties with affording basic healthcare during the country’s perilous economic
situation, this facility will be considered a life-saving, monumental effort from a private healthcare
provider, contributing on a national level.
“Chronic Kidney Disease is one among the most prevalent non-communicable diseases in Sri Lanka.
Statistically, 20-25 percent of diabetic patients and 18-20 percent of patients with hypertension are
prone to CKD. Holistically, one in 10 Sri Lankans is estimated to have CKD, while the vast majority is
unaware of the fact that they have it, resulting in most patients seeking healthcare support at its late-
stages. This forces CKD patients to either opt for kidney transplants or regular dialysis treatments, both
bearing an intense level of financial burden on patients and their loved ones. Given the volatile macro-
economic environment in the country today, this financial burden is heavier than ever before,” stated
Dr. Lakith Peiris, Managing Director Hemas Hospitals.
“A statistically higher number of CKD patients from the underprivileged communities who are affected
by fewer resources prompted us to address this issue by extending our support to these communities
with essential infrastructure and services through Hemas Hospitals’ Upakara initiative,” he added.
CKD is fast becoming a major public health concern, attracting increased global attention due to rapid
spread of the disease, and its grave impact on patients and their quality of life. With a larger number of
CKD patients reported from Sri Lanka each year, the national healthcare system often finds it difficult to
cater to the full requirement of all patients requiring dialysis, affecting their health and wellbeing on a
large scale. With the aim of ensuring good governance and community participation, Upakara will be
overseen and operated by a governance committee inclusive of key opinion leaders within the hospital
and communities.
With a vision of ‘Making Healthful Living Happen’, Hemas Hospitals intends to support CKD patients in
a manner that eases the great financial burden that falls on them every month and enhances their access
to life-saving dialysis treatment. At a time in the country when macro-economic volatility has
destabilized personal economies, Upakara will lend greatly to easing the financial pressure of healthcare
on these chronic patients and enable them to re-establish a sense of wellbeing.

Press Release
“Therefore, in such a dire context, we believe Upakara is an important step forward in assuring health
and healthcare equity in Sri Lanka, and consider it our duty as a responsible healthcare provider to
ensure that all Sri Lankans have access to the life-saving treatment they require regardless of their
financial background. Upakara was therefore borne with this vision, and we consider ourselves privileged
to launch this vital CSR programme as we continue to work to eliminate disparities in the diagnosis and
treatment of kidney diseases in Sri Lanka,” stated Dr. Peiris.

About Hemas Hospitals
Established in 2008 with the launch of its pioneering facility in Wattala, followed by a second hospital in
Thalawathugoda, Hemas Hospitals has today grown into one of the most advanced hospital chains in Sri
Lanka. A subsidiary of Hemas Holdings, one of Sri Lanka’s leading conglomerates with a focus on FMCG,
healthcare, mobility and strategic investments, the hospital chain has pioneered global best practices in
Sri Lanka, setting a steep benchmark for quality and patient safety. It is the first internationally accredited
hospital chain in Sri Lanka with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI)
certificate, the gold seal of international hospital accreditations for safety, quality and superior clinical
outcomes while also being the only Sri Lankan organisation to have its Integrated Management System
accredited by the U.K.-based LMS Certification Limited. The organisation also provides a wide array of
surgical and medical specialties and has established an island-wide network of clinical laboratories.

  • Panel discussion: Seated from Left to Right (L) Dr Dhushyanthan Subramaniam (General Manager – Laboratories), Dr Pradeep Edward (Director General Manager), Dr Malith Atapattu (Head of Medical Services/General Manager Quality and Health & safety ), Dr Lakith Peiris (Managing Director), Prabhan Gunawardena (Director General Manager)
  • Handing over of the UPKARA offer: Standing Left to Right, L Ruwan Nishantha (beneficiary of the program), Prabhan Gunawardena (Director General Manager), Dr Pradeep Edward (Director General Manager), Dr Lakith Peiris (Managing Director)

  • Introduction to the Upakara initiative by Dr Lakith Peiris (Managing Director)

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