The Joint Apparel Association Forum decry assault at a factory in Katana, and demand swift legal action

On Thursday (30 th March 2023), a group of individuals launched a
vicious and heinous attack on the Managing Director and a security official of an apparel
factory in Halpe, Katana. The Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) vehemently
condemns this cowardly attack and calls for an impartial investigation and swift legal
action from the officials in charge.
The victims of the assault were reported to have sustained injuries after a group illegally
entered the factory and broke into the residence of the Managing Director, an Omani
national, who is currently on an observation visit to Sri Lanka. The factory, which is an
SME provides employment to over 300 individuals.  
“As the apex body of the apparel industry, we condemn such acts of violence. We call
on law enforcement authorities to act swiftly and take prompt action to uphold the rule of
law and bring the instigators of this attack into custody. We empathize with those
affected by the incident and request that the matter be allowed to reach a peaceful
resolution in accordance with the laws of the land.”

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