Charting the Present and the Future of 8K TVs Through Samsung’s Innovative Technologies

Samsung has been at the forefront of TV innovation for decades. With an unwavering commitment to
excellence, Samsung is inching ever closer to delivering picture quality that is more real than reality
through ceaseless technological innovation. The company is taking the lead in developing TV
technologies and enhancing the 8K viewer experience from FHD and 4K, thanks to its far-sighted
strategic vision and an endless passion to bring new technologies to the market.
These days, picture quality has become one of the most crucial factors consumers consider when
choosing a TV. In 1977, Samsung succeeded in the development and mass production of a color TV,
the Color Economy TV, for the first time in Korea, ushering in the era of color television for the
country. Samsung earned the title of the first color TV manufacturer in Korea thanks to its steadfast
dedication to innovation, and the company was never complacent about the colossal success of its
black and white TV model, the Econo TV, which took the lion’s share within the monthly TV market at
the time.
Next to be developed was the LCD TV, and, in 2009, Samsung unveiled its breakthrough model —
the Samsung LED TV. The LED TV was the culmination of all the innovative technologies available at
the time, allowing for unrivalled picture quality brought about by light-emitting diodes. All components
of Samsung’s LED TV were designed anew, and the number of patents acquired for this model
exceeded 3,000.
In 2017, Samsung then went on to introduce the world’s first QLED TV based on cadmium-free
quantum dot technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company’s innovative TV was
at the center of attention that year, boasting superb picture quality and 100% color volume.
A year later, the company brought to the market a QLED 8K model that incorporated 8K resolution
into Samsung’s proprietary quantum dot technology. It featured Direct Full Array, a backlight
technology able to precisely control the lighting balance across every part of the picture on-screen, as
well as 8K AI Upscaling, an upscaling technology designed to intelligently upgrade lower-quality
videos into vivid 8K resolution, for the first time in the industry. Samsung’s innovative QLED 8K
technologies are what launched the era of 8K.
In 2020, Samsung unveiled the world’s first bezel-less TV that completely removed the bezels from
around the display, A year later, they further solidified their position as an industry leader by
introducing Neo QLED technology based on Quantum Mini LED displays. From FHD through to 8K,
they have undertaken ceaseless efforts to develop innovative products that offer differentiated
experiences based on consumer needs.
Following the recent growth of 8K devices including smartphones, anyone is able to create 8K content
and view it in ultra-high resolution, High-performance graphics cards also now make it possible for
users to play 8K games, meaning that we are already living in the age of 8K UHD.
Finally, the goal is and always has been to provide users with experiences that go beyond simply
watching content. The most important value that a display can provide is to present images that
seem more real than reality itself. Through the best picture quality algorithms and leading sound
performance, the optimal picture quality delivered then allows users to enjoy their favorite content
without having to worry about adjusting the settings. Samsung’s ultimate goal is to offer superb
picture quality that enables users to thoroughly enjoy their viewing experiences that go beyond
simply watching content.

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