Team CDB showcases extraordinary leadership triumphing at the National Sales Awards

An unprecedented sixteen awards were proudly held aloft by the sales team of Citizens
Development Business Finance (CDB) at the National Sales Awards held recently. These
awards, organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), recognises superior
excellence in sales leadership and with these many accolades, Team CDB proves it is an
unparalleled team, winning a collective of sixteen awards including two national awards and
two gold awards.
Four silvers, six bronze and two merit awards added to the total number, with these
nationally recognised awards empowering the team to etch their individual pathways to
meet aspirations, exceed goals, continually raise the bar and be role models for the entirety
of the CDB sales force.
Nadeeka Perera and Anurudda Algama not only triumphed with the coveted National Sales
Awards, they also won gold awards in the category of Sales Supervisor – Financial Services
Providers category. Sales Supervisors, Sales Executives and Frontliners in the Financial
Service Providers categories were well represented with silver, bronze and merit awards.
The annual National Sales Awards recognise and reward performance and competencies of
sales professionals, pushing them to scale heights while continually raising the bar in
leadership, professionalism, values, ethics, responsibility and best practices in sales
excellence. The objective is for the awards to be a catalyst in ensuring sales professionals
are on par with international standards.
Director Sales and Business Development CDB, Sasindra Munasinghe congratulated the
winners saying, “You have proven that CDB is well on our way to building a world-class sales
force because you thrive on challenges, exploit opportunities, think beyond the norm and
keep pushing that bar of excellence. At CDB we have striven to establish performance
standards that are not just constructed on the building blocks of excellence, it also
encourages and motivates you to take advantage of our pioneering spirit and
entrepreneurial mindset.”
He added that CDB has always developed its team based on a foundation of individuality but
also, on a collective company vision that is a win-win formula for both. “Being recognised
nationally means CDB has nurtured a winning team – a team that bring extraordinary results
through ordinary people – given that our team members compete with the best of the best
sales professionals across industries.”
Team CDB has won continuously at the National Sales Awards and this year, had to compete
with a collective of applicants who were of very high quality and set a competitive
benchmark in the Financial Services, Banking, Insurance & FMCG sectors. The competition
was intense with the quality of the applicants being extremely high, all proven to be master
leaders in their field. For CDB therefore, winning a large haul of awards at the prestigious
National Sales Awards is doubly significant – it is undeniably a winning team, but it is also a
Company that believes in nurturing its sales team to be the best of themselves, taking
responsibility for their actions and pushing the standards of sales excellence upwards.

Nadeeka Perera is presented the National Sales Award. She also won a gold award in Sales Supervisor – Financial Service Provider Category
Winning a National Sales Award and a gold award in the Sales Supervisor
Financial Service Provider category, Anurudda Algama holds up his award

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