Gamer.LK announces action-packedEsports Roadmap for 2023

Gamer.LK, Sri Lanka’s leading Esports organisation, has announced its 2023 roadmap which
promises to be an exciting year for Esports athletes and enthusiasts alike. The roadmap
features a wide range of Esports events, leagues and championships happening throughout the
The 2023 roadmap kicked off in February with the IGE Community Series and the Dialog-
SLESA National Esports Awards. This followed with the Sri Lanka Esports Nationals organised
by the Sri Lanka Esports Association in March where top athletes competed to earn their way
into the Sri Lanka Esports National teams. Gamer.LK Women’s Cyber Games will be happening
later in the year, aimed at providing a platform for female gamers to showcase their skills.
May brings Gamer.LK’s Inter-University Esports Championship and the IGE Challenger Series,
while June will feature the DialogSLESA All Island Free Fire Championship, expected to
become one of Sri Lanka’s most popular Esports events.
The second half of the year will see Gamer.LK’s Mercantile Esports Championship in July,
followed by the IGE Community Series in August. In September, the Sri Lankan National
Esports team will compete and represent Sri Lanka at the Asian Game, and the popular PUBG
MOBILE event, the Esports Premier League will return.
In October, Gamer.LK’s Inter-School Esports Championship will take place, followed by the 15th
World Esports Championship in Romania where Sri Lanka’s National team will also be
competing. The year will end with the National team playing at the Global Esports Games in
Riyadh following the IGE Masters South Asia and the return of Gamer.LK’s most prestigious
event, Sri Lanka Cyber Games, in December.
Three new tournaments have been introduced by InGame Esports, the global brand of
Gamer.LK. The IGE Community Series; an amateur series designed to awaken the community’s
interest in Esports, allowing grass-root level teams to showcase their talents. IGE Contenders is
a highly competitive tournament that attracts top teams from each country, while IGE Masters is
an invitation-only tournament for the best teams from IGE Contenders, with one of the most
prestigious and exciting tournament formats of the year.

10 April 2023
“The new IGE Masters,Contenders and Community series marks a significant milestone in our
vision for developing Esports in South Asia. These series will provide a platform for players to
compete at all levels, showcase their skills, and be recognized for their achievements” said
Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO of Gamer.LK. “We believe that Esports has the potential to become
a major industry in Sri Lanka and South Asia, in a multiplicity of different avenues and we are
committed to providing a platform for Esports athletes and people passionate about video
games to excel within this ecosystem”

Gamer.LK announces action-packed Esports Roadmap for 2023

Gamer.LK is Sri Lanka’s premier Games & Esports organisation with over 15 years of
experience in organising Esports activities and tournaments in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK’s
consistent efforts in organising Esports events and creating a holistic ecosystem around Esports
and related activities have led to rapid growth in Esports in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK has also
extended its industry expertise to international markets, mainly in South Asia by creating
experiences for the region such as the IGE South Asia Cup.
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