Renowned artist R. Kouwshigan presents “colorful delights”, a joint exhibition of paintings

Renowned artist and art instructor R. Kouwshigan, along with his
talented students Kriti Kashyap, Eesha Sinha, Sai Dhinakar Kouwshigan, Joshitha Rajkumar,
Swathi Sivanesan, and Alefiya Jafferjee, will showcase their artistic talents in a joint exhibition
titled “Colorful Delights”. The exhibition will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of April, 2023, at the
J.D.A Perera Art Gallery located at 46, Horton Place, Colombo-7.
“Colorful Delights” promises to be a visual feast for art lovers, featuring a stunning collection of
around 79 unique creations, ranging from natural scenery, wildlife, portraits, spiritualism, human
emotions, to abstract art. The exhibition is a perfect example of the fusion of skill, technique,
and creativity, resulting in aesthetically pleasing artwork.
Kouwshigan, who has held twelve Group Art Exhibitions with students from 2003 to the present,
is excited to showcase his student’s artwork in this joint exhibition. The pandemic and the
economic situation in the country have caused a delay in organizing this exhibition, making it a
much-awaited event for art enthusiasts.
The exhibition “Bonding Colours,” which Kouwshigan held with one of his junior students, was a
huge success in 2018 at the Society of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), Santiniketan, Kolkata.
Both Kouwshigan and his student are the first Sri Lankans to hold a painting exhibition at
Santiniketan, making it a significant achievement.
“Colorful Delights” is an exhibition that art lovers cannot afford to miss. It is an opportunity to
witness the beauty of art and to experience the skill, creativity, and technique behind it. The
exhibition is open to the public, and admission is free. Mark your calendars for the 22nd and
23rd of April, 2023, and head to the J.D.A Perera Art Gallery to experience the “Colorful

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