SEBSA joins IFS Partner Success Program in theAPJ, ME&A regions

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that SEBSA (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka has
become a valued partner in the Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East & Asia (APJ ME&A) region to sign up
for the IFS Partner Success Program. IFS Partner Success is a tailor-made, premium engagement
program designed for partners to proactively engage and collaborate in order to focus more on value-
driven partnerships for successful engagements throughout the region.
This marks an important milestone for SEBSA, as IFS pledges their commitment to supporting the
partners to deliver the best service possible. It paves the way for SEBSA to continue their growth
journey and ensure they thrive in their Moment of Service™ and champion the IFS cause for
impeccable customer service.
Uthpala Kumara, Head of Sales & Partnerships – South Asia at IFS said, “Selecting World Class
Partners is a core part of our GTM. Partners help our business to scale quickly and effectively, and
give our customers choice. But using a partner does not absolve IFS’ responsibility to ensure
successful customer outcomes. Partner Success services help us transfer valuable knowledge and IP
to our partners in a structured and targeted way, which mitigates delivery risk, and ensures successful
customer outcomes.”
“I applaud SEBSA for making this investment. They are showing real commitment to delivering
outstanding Moments of Service, articulating shared values in a meaningful way, and demonstrating a
determination to expand their place within our partner ecosystem. We will use this engagement to fuel
continuous collaboration, and accelerate business growth.”
Muthuraja Nanayakkara, Chief Executive Officer, SEBSA added, “IFS Partner Success is our
commitment to IFS, guaranteeing the best Moments of Service to our customers. We have an
immaculate track record of successful implementation and happy customers globally. We believe that
IFS Partner Success will help us to further strengthen this position. Our plans to grow are quite
aggressive and whilst executing these plans, we require to build more competency, and always be
ready to take the lead with IFS. IFS Partner Success ensures that SEBSA and IFS will always work
IFS Partner Success program will provide support, advice and guidance to SEBSA in delivering
expertise of the highest standard to level up their partner competency. This will support their customer
engagements to streamline deals throughout onboarding, extension and upgrading of the solution and
ultimately drive new business opportunities through advocacy. Further, this will equip partners to meet
these ends independently, driving even greater scale through the IFS Partner Ecosystem while the
program showcases IFS’s commitment to supporting their partners to deliver the best Moment of
Service™ to mutual customers.
Image Caption: (L to R) Sean Fernando, Director – Solutions & Presales at SEBSA, Uthpala
Kumara, Head of Sales & Partnerships – South Asia at IFS, Muthuraja Nanayakkara, Chief Executive
Officer at SEBSA and Shavinki Silva, Associate Manager – Sales & Marketing at SEBSA.
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