Dettol launches new Handwashing drive to mark Global Hand Hygiene Day

Dettol, one of the world’s most trusted global brands that has consistently driven public health &
wellbeing for nearly a century, recently announced its further commitment to driving good health &
hygiene practices in SL, through a series of activations both focusing on Hand hygiene & general hygiene.
This new initiative aims to promote and maintain proper personal and home hygiene habits among the
Sri Lankan community, building on Dettol’s commitment to creating a healthier and better nation.
Dettol was developed in 1933 for doctors who needed an effective solution to prevent sepsis following
childbirth, and has since become a household name across the world. In Sri Lanka, Dettol has been
present since 1962, offering a diversified product range across personal hygiene and home care. The
brand’s success is built on three iconic foundations: trust, efficacy, and education.
Dettol has consistently carried out many health initiatives in Sri Lanka, including special awareness and
educations programs for new mothers, school handwashing programs, and COVID-19 relief efforts. The
brand has provided hand hygiene infrastructure to the public, while partnering with Sri Lanka Red Cross
to ensure disinfection of public locations and educated the general public on proper hand hygiene habits
to eradicate the spread of the virus.
Dettol is launching a series of activities to promote good hygiene practices amongst the Sri Lankan
community. There will be series of television talk shows focused on personal hygiene and household
disinfection, public service announcements, and on-ground activations such as mother clinics, school
activations, and collaboration in disaster management activities, with the support of Key opinion leaders
in the country including the Public Health Inspectors.
Commenting on this new venture, Shaminda Perera : Head of Marketing, Reckitt Sri Lanka said, “We are
grateful to all healthcare workers in SL for the tremendous contribution they make on driving proper
hygiene habits among the community. Dettol is a responsible brand committed to creating a healthier
and better nation, and this is a step towards achieving that goal.”
In addition to this, Dettol, will also launch another new initiative aimed at recreating proper hand
washing habits in a creative and exciting manner in Sri Lanka. This new campaign titled “ let us eradicate
athwaha in Sri Lanka” focuses on combining cultural norms and practices prevalent in everyday society
to drive a better understanding on the importance of handwashing. This activity is specifically aimed at
looking creative ways to inculcate the habit of hand washing amongst school children.
Lilani Rajapakse Brand manager Dettol, spoke on the initiative saying, “We are thrilled to see Dettol
taking a proactive approach to promote proper hand hygiene practices in Sri Lanka. This campaign is an
excellent initiative that will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the community.”
Dettol remains committed to promoting good hygiene habits in Sri Lanka, and the awareness programs
and the launch of the new handwashing campaign are significant steps towards achieving this goal.
Together, we can create a healthier and better Sri Lanka.

Dettol is a leading brand of Reckitt Benckiser (Sri Lanka) Ltd. Reckitt Benckiser is a renowned global
business that operates in markets across 6 continents. Inspired by a vision to create a world where
people are healthier and live better, the Company produces a popular range of health and hygiene
products that include Harpic, Strepsils, Veet, Airwick, Durex and Lysol. Dettol’s Social movements &
awareness programs reiterate Reckitt Benckiser’s commitment to conduct a socially, environmentally
and financially responsible business entity.
The Reckitt team started 2022 with its brands Dettol being recognised by the marketing fraternity, at
SLIM Effie Awards 2021 and SLIM Digis 2.1. The awards lauded the work done by Reckitt in the
previous two years, to effectively communicate with its consumers and make a difference in their lives.
Dettol was also ranked as the Most Loved Brand in Sri Lanka by LMD Magazine.

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