From Screen Size to Streaming: Samsung Discusses the Top TV Trends

Nowadays, the television is at the center of many households — but modern television sets have greatly evolved to achieve the level of technology seen today. To continue evolving with the times, Samsung Electronics is pushing the limits of what’s possible with advancements in display size, smart features and immersive experiences.

To discuss these changing industry trends and the future of consumer preferences, Samsung Newsroom sat down with Kang-il Chung, Vice President and Head of Future Planning Group at Samsung’s Visual Display Business. Read on to learn more about how Samsung’s continuous TV innovations keep up with rapidly changing consumer lifestyles.

Q: We have recently seen a lot of innovation in the TV Industry. Where will this technology take us in the future?

The home has evolved from a place to sleep and eat into a space where all household members can live out their diverse lifestyles. Likewise, the TV market has reflected these broadening lifestyles by enhancing consumer experience and activities, for instance, emphasizing in-home activities such as fitness. Naturally, consumers will want these activities to be incorporated into the screen products as well. So, our next step will focus on responding to all consumers changing needs across their daily activities. One example of our response to this trend is the Samsung NEO QLED 98 – a multifaceted TV recently showcased at IFA 2022 that caters explicitly to every action a consumer has in mind, from watching movies to playing games.

Q: The customer feedback about QLED 8Ks has been positive. Why are these TVs, especially the big ones, so popular?

The bigger the screen, the more immersive the viewing experience, the more things come alive off your screen. Doubling the screen doubles the reactions you experience- whether it is suspense, joy or laughter.

What’s more, as the television becomes a bigger and bigger part of our daily routines, screen sizes will increase to match. We think that 8K technology is the natural next step in advancing the TV market.

Q: Will TV sizes ever stop growing bigger? What features will be needed to showcase content on these big TVs?

I think the trend of growing TV sizes will be endless, as the need for people to have bigger screens is endless. As screens grow, I think the resolution and image detail will also be important. I think there are going to be no limits when it comes to resolution and size in displays.

Q: Do you see the TV as the center of the home, from controlling things and managing the whole household?

We see the TV as not just a viewing device but also a command center for the entire household- and we’re working to make that vision a reality. In the past, connectivity between devices was not as important as it is today. Now, most TVs are hooked up to all sorts of external devices like gaming consoles, streaming devices, BLu-ray players and more. Our ability to actually see, manage and control many devices will be a new experience for many new TVs in the future.

Q: Where will consumer expectations lead the TV industry in the future?

In the short term, I think there will also be a need for in-home activities, like gaming, commuting, excursion, communicating with friends and family and decorating your home. In the long-term, people will want immersive experiences that overcome the limits and restrictions of TV size.

When consumers purchase a TV, there are typically three main factors they consider. The first is size, the price and then design. Recently, however, we’ve seen a fourth factor influencing a consumer’s purchasing decision: smart features. We have found that people want a whole new smart TV experience rather than just watching TV.

Of course, in anticipation of future consumer demands, we’re thinking even bigger and further into the future. That’s why we’re also looking to advance display technology across connectivity and smart features, immersive experiences, power efficiency and elegant design.

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