SLT-MOBITEL debuts its technologically advanced Operational Headquarters in Welikada

SLT-MOBITEL unveiled its technologically advanced, high tech Operational green Headquarters, first in the history of SLT, located at Welikada, Colombo recently.

Designed with state-of-the-art aesthetics and advance technology, the building features cutting-edge amenities including 5G zone, Rainwater harvesting, green energy, power and cooling systems, wastewater treatment, energy rated glass facade, energy rated electrical fittings, lifts, ACs etc. Further, under phase 1, five floors have been completed out of 9 floors, where the balance floors will be completed under phase 2. Taking responsible action to sustainability, the new HQ building is constructed utilizing only 3% of the total land of 7 acres, preserving balance for future developments. The construction of new HQ is a brown field development, and almost all the recoverable materials from the demolished buildings were re-used, recycled with minimum wastage, accommodating green concepts into the building development. Further, an in housed sewer treatment plant is also a key feature where the effluent will be collected for the vertical gardening in the building and for irrigation, along with a Solar system which will be implemented utilizing 15,000 sq ft of the roof top of the building.

The new HQ is accompanied with a newest building management system where the operations of the AC, water, lighting and other amenities can be monitored and alarmed.

Indoor spaces have been designed to create modernized working environment with open office concepts reflecting user friendly natural environment. Minimum affect to the nature was done with the new construction where a decade old “Mara tree” has been accompanied with the building, incorporating the true blend of nature into the atmosphere of the building ‘s aesthetics.

The total project cost for stage I of the project is 2500 million limiting the variations of the project, which is also a remarkable achievement during highly unfavorable conditions like Covid 19 pandemic, government-imposed curfews and turbulent political conditions which prevailed in the project execution stage. The SLT-Mobitel team was able to accomplish the project meeting the set timelines despite aforementioned challenges.

A remarkable operational cost saving of LKR 25.4 million, annually, is predicted from the occupation of new building by Mobitel due to savings from rents for car parking, security and other services, usage of electricity and water, inter office transportation etc. In addition to above, annual rentals for Rotunda and propertex buildings amount into LKR 250 million per annum will be saved from the transition to the new HQ building, adding a net saving to the SLT group.  

Further the balance 4 floors with approximate floor area of 60,000 Sqft in total which is to be developed in the future for SLT will enable consolidation of SLT-Mobitel operation under one roof. This will lead to release large amount of floor area in the business-critical locations like Colombo, Slave Island etc, allowing SLT-MOBITEL to monetize the same to gain revenues.

Overall, SLTMOBITEL aims to ensure its’ new operational headquarters supports its commitment to the environment through sustainable environmentally sensitive and state of the art `building with minimal usage of resources at higher efficiency while at the same time providing a healthy and newest working environment which drives employees towards innovative culture with opportunity for further expansion.

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