Soorya’s incense sticks ignite Sri Lanka’s love for cinema with the Guththilamovie

Soorya incense sticks, a trusted and familiar household brand of Sun Match Company, with its
captivating fragrances have embarked on a cinematic journey, kindling a deep connection that perfectly
complements the timeless Guththila movie.
As a company deeply rooted in Kundasale, Kandy, with a heritage woven into the fabric of Sri Lankan
homes and hearts for over four decades, Sun Match Company, the proud manufacturers of Soorya
incense sticks, wholeheartedly recognizes and admires the immense creativity and dedication infused
into ‘Guththila’ as an enduring masterpiece. Featuring 14 distinctive variants, Soorya incense sticks
evoke a sense of tranquillity and purity, establishing a profound connection with the film.
“With great pride, Sun Match Company joins fans in celebrating the brilliance and impact of the
Guththila Movie. We want the brand to showcase deeper insight to our culture and bring out the depth
and meaning of life in Sri Lanka,” said Gowri Rajan, Director/Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Match
Company. “Especially in current times, we have realized the importance of family and traditions.
Supporting ‘Guththila’ not only promotes the rich talent and artistry of our nation and but also
beautifully captures the essence of our heritage echoing across the country.”
Soorya’s own Brand Ambassador, the award-winning screen and much-loved Sri Lankan actress,
Yashodha Wimaladharma plays a leading role in the Guththila movie.
“I am fortunate to be a part of the respected Guththila masterpiece and truly pleased that a trusted
brand such as Soorya Incense sticks is able to partner this classic that appeals to all Sri Lankans,” said
Yasodha Wimaladharma.
The movie, based on Ven. Professor Agalakada Sirisumana Thero’s edited Guththila poetry, is back on
the silver screen after a lapse of 12 years. It is produced by Haren Nagodavithana and Dilini Silva. The
director, dialogue, screenplay and story are by Sri Sanath Abeysekara. Other leading actors and
actresses include Visharada Edward Jayakody, Akila Dhanuddara, Iranganie Serasinghe and
Sathischandra Edirisinghe. The movie is scheduled to be screened in theatres including the EAP circuit
cinemas and will undoubtedly delight audiences.
Sanath Abeysekara, Director, Guththila, added, “Sun Match Company prioritizes values such as tradition
and culture and we are honoured by their efforts to collaborate with us on this production as this movie
too, is a showcase of similar characteristics. Thus, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sun Match
Company for their generous sponsorship of the Guththila movie.”

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