Nawaloka Hospitals, ICBT Campus collaborate to elevate nursing education in Sri Lanka

Leading private healthcare provider Nawaloka Hospitals has joined hands with the ICBT Campus to empower nurses with enhanced educational opportunities. The two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on May 11, 2023, at the ICBT Campus, with the honorable Chairman and Deputy General Manager in attendance.

Through this partnership, Nawaloka Hospitals’ nurses will now have a clear pathway to pursue the B.Sc. (Hons) in Nursing program offered by the prestigious University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom. This opportunity is exclusively available to nurses who have successfully completed the three-year General Nursing Diploma at Nawaloka Hospitals, and they will also be eligible for a special discount direct entry with the University of Sunderland.

Additionally, the collaboration between Nawaloka Hospitals and ICBT Campus includes a Biomedical Engineering Higher Diploma program. Upon completion of this program at ICBT Campus, students will have the unique opportunity to undergo a three-month Biomedical Industrial Training at Nawaloka Hospital in Colombo.

Machines like MRI, CPU, and Ultra US scans where they will not see other than in a hospital environment. This practical training module will equip students with hands-on experience in the installation, servicing, and calibration of biomedical equipment, further enhancing their skills and preparing them for successful careers in the field of biomedical engineering.

Expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration, a spokesperson from Nawaloka Hospitals stated, “We firmly believe in investing in the continuous professional development of our nurses, as they form the backbone of our healthcare system. This partnership with ICBT Campus and the University of Sunderland will open new horizons for our nurses, empowering them with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional patient care.”

Similarly, a spokesperson from ICBT Campus shared their thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “We take great pride in partnering with Nawaloka Hospitals in this endeavor. By combining our expertise in education with their commitment to healthcare excellence, we aim to provide a seamless educational pathway for nurses and contribute to the development of highly skilled healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka.”

Established in 1986 by Nawaloka Hospitals, the School of Nursing has been a pioneer in nursing education in Sri Lanka. Over the years, more than 3000 students have graduated from the school, becoming qualified nurses who are now serving both locally and internationally. Among private sector hospitals, Nawaloka School of Nursing holds the distinction of being the top-ranked institution on the island.

The nursing curriculum at Nawaloka School of Nursing covers a wide range of subjects, including Medical Science, Nursing Science, Physical and Biological Science, Social Science, and general education. Students receive expert training in bedside skills, in addition to their academic studies.

Upon completion of the three-year Nursing program, successful students receive a Nursing Certificate and a degree from Sri Lanka. They are also eligible to register with the Nursing Council and obtain a license to practice as a registered nurse, a privilege exclusive to diploma holders. Furthermore, diploma holders have the opportunity to serve in state healthcare institutions, offering them additional career prospects.

Nawaloka School of Nursing provides state-of-the-art classroom facilities, including well-equipped A/L classrooms with multimedia projectors. The school also offers library facilities, five days of studies per week (weekdays), and demonstration facilities. Students receive medical checkups upon admission, and canteen and recreational facilities are available during the study program. Upon successful completion of the academic and administrative requirements, students receive academic transcripts and diploma certificates.

The teaching staff at Nawaloka Hospital School of Nursing comprises highly experienced and qualified tutors who have obtained a Diploma in Teaching and Supervision in Nursing from the government Post Basic College of Nursing in Colombo.

Nawaloka School of Nursing is registered with the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) under the Ministry of Health, and its training program is approved by the Tertiary Vocational and Educational Commission (TVEC). Notably, Nawaloka Hospitals is the only hospital in Sri Lanka registered and accredited by TVEC to offer the graduate nurses program at NVQ Level 6.

Nawaloka Hospitals entered Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector in 1985 and has since emerged as a dominant force in the private healthcare landscape. The hospital’s launch and the overwhelming response it received from the people highlighted the long-felt need for superior healthcare in a pleasant environment. Established under the Chairmanship of Late Deshamanya H.K. Dharmadasa, Nawaloka Hospitals strives to be a Center of Excellence in high-technology diagnostic and curative facilities. With a vision to become the Hospital of Tomorrow, the medical institution has earned a reputation as a preferred healthcare destination in the country.

The ceremony was attended by the Chairman Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa, Director General Manager Prof. L. Chundrasena and the representatives from the institution.

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