Muditha Dhammika Silva Receives Prestigious CIM UK Fellowship, Recognizing Exceptional Marketing Potential

Muditha Dhammika Silva, a seasoned professional with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the banking, financial services, and also in sales and marketing sectors, has been awarded a highly esteemed fellowship by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK. This prestigious recognition highlights Muditha’s outstanding accomplishments and his exceptional enthusiasm, creativity, and strong desire for success in the field of marketing.

With a remarkable tenure of over a decade in senior managerial positions within the Middle East, Muditha has proven himself as a well-organized individual capable of adapting to diverse work environments. Throughout his career, he has excelled in various functional capacities, including branch marketing, corporate lending and relationship management, financial and credit risk analysis, portfolio management, pricing and receivable management, international trade remittances and currencies, and business administration. Muditha’s 14+ years of senior marketing managerial experience demonstrate his ability to deliver exceptional results under pressure and his proficiency in developing and managing complex corporate accounts.

This Muditha’s scholar’s professional background is enhanced by his educational achievements, including an MBA from the University of Wales and a degree from the University of Sri Jayawardanepura. Additionally, he holds esteemed memberships in professional organizations, such as being a Fellow member of Chartered Professional Managers and a member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. Currently, Muditha serves as the Head of Branches at a prominent conglomerate within the Financial Services sector.

The CIM UK fellowship program, renowned for its rigorous selection process, attracts exceptional candidates from across the globe. Muditha’s selection as a fellow reflects his impressive professional background, commitment to excellence, and vision for making a significant impact in the marketing industry.

As the recipient of the CIM UK fellowship, Muditha will gain access to a wide array of resources, and mentorship programs, at CIM UK. These opportunities will enable him to expand his knowledge, refine his skills, and network with industry leaders, further strengthening his ability to contribute to the field of marketing.

Expressing his gratitude upon receiving this esteemed fellowship, Muditha shared, “I am deeply honoured to be chosen as the recipient of the CIM UK fellowship. This recognition is a testament to my dedication and passion for marketing. I am excited about the invaluable learning experiences and mentorship opportunities this fellowship will provide, empowering me to drive positive change and become a prominent figure in the marketing industry.”

Muditha Dhammika Silva’s selection for the CIM UK fellowship represents a significant milestone in his professional journey. It highlights not only his outstanding achievements but also the recognition and support of one of the industry’s most esteemed organizations.

Muditha Dhammika Silva – Recipient of the Prestigious CIM UK Scholarship

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