Ceylon Energy introduces Helical Anchors: Redefining construction in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Energy, a strategic alliance of St Theresa Industries, recently announced its exclusive partnership with Hubbell Power Systems Inc., a renowned global leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, to introduce Helical Anchors, a revolutionary technology for tower erection, to Sri Lanka and beyond.

A successful launch event was held at Double-Tree by Hilton on May 25, 2023, with Ceylon Energy and Hubbell Power Systems Inc. formalizing their partnership, marking the introduction of the first helical anchoring project in the entire Asian continent.

Helical Anchors, pioneered by Hubbell Power Systems Inc. USA, have been widely recognized as a game-changing solution for the construction industry worldwide. These advanced anchors not only reduce project timelines and costs but also provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative for the construction sector.

Ceylon Energy has enhanced its manufacturing capabilities and expertise to become the authorized producer of Helical Anchor technology in Sri Lanka. This strategic partnership is a significant milestone in promoting the inflow of foreign remittances, further boosting the nation’s economy.

Jason Herron, Senior Applications Engineer at Hubbell Power Systems Inc., emphasizes the value of Helical Anchors, stating, “This technology adds flexibility for design engineers and offers a sustainable alternative to concrete. It reduces construction time and costs, making it a valuable option for areas with environmental, access, or groundwater issues that would otherwise pose challenges. Helical Anchors are a reliable system that minimizes disruption to the ecosystem compared to larger concrete foundations.”

Timothy Seethoe, Territory Manager, Central Asia at Hubbell Power Systems Inc., adds, “Learning new and more advanced technology, like helical anchors, will help the country progress further. This innovation enables workers to operate faster, more productively, and more efficiently, resulting in less waste of time, money, and labor. It will directly and indirectly contribute to the country’s economic growth and development of human capital.”

Madushanka Fernando, Founder and CEO of Ceylon Energy, reflects on this significant milestone, stating, “Today marks a historic moment in Sri Lanka’s engineering history. After years of effort and sacrifice from many individuals, the very first helical anchoring project in the Asian continent has come to life. This project, initiated in 2016, is now being realized, revolutionizing the construction industry.”

Ceylon Energy, a front-runner in the energy and power transmission industry, has been illuminating households in Sri Lanka for over four decades. With an expanding reputation for excellence, the company has extended its services to global markets in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

In addition to its core expertise in power transmission projects, Ceylon Energy operates in multiple industries, including technology and construction services. The company is dedicated to making the world a better place by providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Looking ahead, Ceylon Energy aims to bring Helical Anchor technology to India, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, and various other nations, disrupting industries with their commitment to innovation. The company is currently involved in one of Sri Lanka’s largest electrification projects in partnership with HJT China, where Helical Anchors are already being employed to enhance the project’s effectiveness and sustainability.

About Ceylon Energy

Ceylon Energy is a multi-national organization and a front-runner in the energy and power transmission industry. With over four decades of experience, the company has been instrumental in lighting households in Sri Lanka and has expanded its services to other global markets. Ceylon Energy operates in various industries, offering innovative solutions and a commitment to quality and sustainability..

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