Nawaloka hospital achieves milestone in cardiac care with 15,000 heart surgeries

Pioneering the cardiac unit since 1994, Nawaloka Hospital, the leading healthcare institution, is proud to announce the successful completion of 15,000 heart surgeries, marking a significant milestone in the hospital’s history and affirming its position as a pioneer in cardiac care.

To solidify the remarkable achievement of 15,000 successful heart surgeries, Nawaloka Hospitals celebrated an internal ceremony at the premises on June 20, 2023. Nawaloka Holdings Chairman Dr.Jayantha Dharmadasa, Deputy Chairman Anisha Dharmadasa, DGM Prof. Lal Chandrasena and Directress Givanthi Dharmadasa and over 50 thoracic surgeon consultants and cardiologist consultants from past to present who have made a significant contribution to the unit were present at the ceremony.

Nawaloka Hospitals has a distinguished record in cardiac care, boasting a rich history of pioneering achievements within the private sector of Sri Lanka. Over the course of several decades, Nawaloka has accomplished numerous noteworthy milestones. These include conducting the country’s first Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) procedure on August 15th, 1994, introducing the first Radial Artery Grafting in 1999, and successfully performing the inaugural Re-do CABG and Off-Pump Total Arterial Revascularization in the same year. In 2000, the hospital achieved the first-ever Open Endarterectomy with Vein Patch.

Not stopping there, Nawaloka further made advancements with breakthrough procedures such as the pioneering MIDCAB and Multi Vessel MIDCAB surgeries, as well as the first Pulmonary Arteriovenous Fistula treatment in the right lung and the inaugural Keyhole ASD surgery. In 2022, they made history once more by performing the first Hybrid Bypass within the private sector. Additionally, Nawaloka collaborated with the Madras Medical Mission to offer open heart surgeries free of charge to 18 underprivileged children through the Children’s Heart Project, an initiative promoted by Dr. P.N. Thenabadu. Notably, they also achieved the significant milestone of successfully operating on a premature baby while still in the incubator, performing the first-ever ligation of a persistent ductus arteriosus.

Within 30 years of operation, Nawaloka Hospital’s relentless pursuit of excellence in cardiac care has been made possible by its continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. The hospital boasts state-of-the-art operation theatres, advanced diagnostic facilities, and dedicated intensive care units, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing heart surgeries.

As a result, with unwavering commitment and the latest technological advancements, Nawaloka has successfully performed a diverse range of heart surgeries, including complex procedures such as bypass surgeries, valve replacements, and minimally invasive interventions. In addition, Nawaloka Hospitals has also successfully performed over 66,000 angiograms and angioplasties which is a record for any private hospital in Sri Lanka.

At present, Nawaloka Hospitals has two dedicated cardiac angiography units, six echocardiography machines, 11 bed CICU, three-bed HDU, two dedicated cardiac OTs with a dedicated anaesthesia room, two heart-lung machines/heater coolers, four balloon pumps, 10 Consultation chambers for cardiac requirement and ACT Machines. Additionally, Nawaloka Hospitals also have two Cath Labs which has enabled many in and outstation cardiologists to use lab properties at any time, based on their convenience.

Geared with the latest technology and affordable healthcare solutions of international standards and driven by a passionate, professional team of only the best consultants and nurses, Nawaloka Hospitals is fully committed to the principal vision of building a healthier, stronger Sri Lanka. For more information, contact the cardiac unit on 0776724517.

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