Haycarb and Dipped Products ramp up high-tech exports to fuel economic recovery

Hayleys Group Companies Haycarb PLC and Dipped Products PLC, are expanding manufacturing
capabilities in response to growing demand for sustainably manufactured, innovative products and
solutions in global niche markets.
Doubling down on driving exports-focused innovation, both companies have been investing in
Research and Development, leveraging home-grown scientific innovation to move up global value
“One of Sri Lanka’s greatest resources is our ability to use science and technology to create local
solutions to global challenges. Drawing from the Hayleys Group’s long legacy of innovation, as a
socially conscious enterprise we create products that drive value to our customers and help purify
the world, and change lives of many around our planet including at grassroot Sri Lankan communities
by generating opportunities for real economic progress,” Haycarb PLC Managing Director, Rajitha
Kariyawasan stated.
Already a leading global player in the sustainable production of activated carbon derived from
coconut shell based charcoal, over the past 50 years, Haycarb has continuously discovered powerful
new applications for its products. As a result, its wide range of high value applications comprise
water and air purification, gold mining, lifesaving medicines and alternative energy storage devices
such as supercapacitors and batteries, helping to power many new generation technology
This same intrapreneurial spirit of utilising in-house talent, ingenuity and sustainable innovations to
turn the simple rubber commodity to globally competitive high value exports, is also at the core of
Dipped Products PLC’s success. Having gained significant traction over the past two years across 70
countries with its innovative specialised industrial, medical, and household glove solutions, Dipped
Products continues to take aim at emerging opportunities world-wide.
“For nearly half a century, DPL has steadily moved up the value chain in hand protection. In that
time, we have developed an unmatched reputation for quality, and served as a hub for high-level
product innovation and best practices in sustainable manufacturing and an authentic commitment to
In addition to consolidating our reputation as a global leader in sustainable and ethical manufacturing,
we recently accelerated our R&D programmes and expanded our production capacity to create new

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export innovations that will help drive export earnings to our nation,” Dipped Products PLC
Managing Director, Pushpika Janadheera said.
The recent initiatives on-ground included the streamlining of domestic supply chains with the
opening of a state-of-the-art new centralised warehouse facility in January 2023, and the successful
operationalising of a new sports glove manufacturing facility in March 2023, that blends the team’s
industry-leading scientific and technical expertise to produce sophisticated, globally sought-after
sports gloves.
Simultaneously, DPL is strengthening their presence in the US and Europe to capture the niche
sports market segments, including cycling, equestrian, golf, baseball, mountain biking and running.
Photo Captions

Haycarb PLC Managing Director, Rajitha Kariyawasan

Dipped Products PLC Managing Director, Pushpika Janadheera

Activated carbon samples at Haycarb R&D lab

Gloves produced by DPL

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