Gamer.LK sets the stage for Sri Lanka’s ultimatefemale Esports event – Women’s Cyber Games to return for the 5th year

Gamer.LK, the leading Esports organisation in Sri Lanka is excited to unveil the fifth edition of
the Women’s Cyber Games, the largest female-only Esports event in the country. As a
trailblazer in the Esports industry, Gamer.LK has consistently championed the cause of female
gamers and the event has become highly anticipated in the local Esports community.
This year’s Women’s Cyber Games returns to a physical LAN format on July 15th and 16th at
the Play Arena gaming cafe where female gamers from across the island will take part in a
diverse range of competitive game titles which include, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash
Royale, Cricket Sixes, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, FIFA 23, Free Fire, League of
Legends, Mario Kart, Mobile Legends, Mortal Kombat 11, PUBG MOBILE and Valorant.
The tournament which will have a prize pool of Rs. 100,000 distributed among its winners
across all game titles, promises to be an exhilarating showcase of talent, skill and camaraderie
among female gamers.
Gamer.LK has been actively promoting the participation of female gamers in Esports by
organising women’s Esports events and activities alongside its major competitions for almost a
decade, thereby building the foundation for female gamers to thrive in the competitive gaming
landscape in the country. With the inception of the Women’s Cyber Games in 2019, Gamer.LK
took a step further in providing a dedicated platform for female gamers to compete without any
restrictions or limitations and stands a testament to Gamer.LK’s dedication to fostering an
inclusive environment for Esports.
Raveen Wijayatilake, the CEO of Gamer.LK, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating,
“Esports is a gender-neutral sport that welcomes participants from all walks of life. We firmly
believe in providing equal opportunities for female gamers to showcase their exceptional skills
and passion for gaming. The Women’s Cyber Games not only highlights their talent but also
encourages the growth and recognition of women in the Esports industry.”
The growing prominence of women in Esports has become an undeniable force reshaping the
industry on a global scale. With increasing inclusivity initiatives and platforms specifically
designed to support and empower women in gaming, the landscape of Esports is becoming
more diverse and vibrant than ever before. Female Esports athletes, streamers, casters, and

community leaders are not only making their mark in the competitive arena but also inspiring
countless others to pursue their passion for gaming. This cultural shift towards equality in
Esports demonstrates the immense potential and limitless opportunities that await women in this
dynamic and rapidly expanding realm. Through their forward-thinking approach, Gamer.LK is
actively bridging the gap and ensuring that Sri Lanka is part of this global scenario that
highlights the significant contributions of women in Esports.
Registration for the Women’s Cyber Games 2023 is now open, and interested women gamers
can secure their participation by registering at before 12 July 2023.

Gamer.LK is Sri Lanka’s premier Games & Esports organisation with over 15 years of
experience in organising Esports activities and tournaments in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK’s
consistent efforts in organising Esports events and creating a holistic ecosystem around Esports
and related activities have led to rapid growth in Esports in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK has also
extended its industry expertise to international markets, mainly in South Asia by creating
experiences for the region such as the IGE South Asia Cup.
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