73Avenue Realtors Appoints Dellon Juriansz as Director Sales and Business Development

73Avenue Realtors, the disruptive real estate company that pioneered interactive property
tours, continues to revolutionize the industry with its latest strategic appointment. Dellon
Juriansz, a seasoned professional with over seven years of real estate experience, has been
appointed as the Director of Sales and Business Development. This significant hire is
expected to drive business growth, prioritize customer service, and introduce innovative
media-driven services to provide even better experiences for clients.
Since its inception, 73Avenue Realtors has reshaped the traditional real estate landscape by
leveraging media to offer immersive property tours, allowing prospective buyers to explore
properties remotely. This innovative approach has positioned the company as a catalyst in
the industry, captivating clients with its immersive experience and interactivity.
Dellon’s extensive knowledge and industry experience gained from working with esteemed
real estate companies make him the ideal candidate for the role of Director – Sales and
Business Development. His expertise in real estate & extensive network of clients will be
instrumental in driving sales growth, forging strategic partnerships, regional expansion and
catering to the diverse needs of clients. With Dellon on board, 73Avenue Realtors aims to
provide personalized services and exceptional experiences, ensuring that every client’s
requirements are met with utmost professionalism and attention.
The head of operations Javeen Soysa who has enabled to streamline operations at
73Avenue over the last year will also assume the role as Director – Operations and Growth.
These strategic appointments are aimed at driving regional & international expansion,
fostering strategic partnerships and customer experience.
Arshad Mohideen, Co-Founder and CEO of 73Avenue Realtors, expressed his sentiment
about Dellon’s appointment, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Dellon to our leadership
team. His specialized expertise and experience will enable us to offer even more
personalized services to our clients. With Dellon leading our sales and business
development efforts, we are confident in our ability to drive disruptive growth, expand our
presence nationwide & internationally, while providing unmatched customer experiences.”
Chief Strategy Officer Akram Mohideen, who is heading international business and the
73Avenue operation in UAE, stated, “The following appointment will fortify our position in the
local market and enable the team to benefit from the vast international exposure that is being
channeled and enable the company to be future fit”.
As 73Avenue Realtors continues to spearhead innovation in the real estate sector, Dellon’s
appointment marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With a renewed focus
on national & international expansion and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer
service, 73Avenue Realtors aims to redefine industry standards and inspire a new era of
personalized real estate experiences.

Arshad Mohideen, Co-Founder and CEO of 73Avenue Realtors, handing over the
appointment letter to Dellon Juriansz

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