Minoli Wickramasinghe of Capital TRUST Properties Wins Top50 Professional & Career Women Global Award in Real Estate

Minoli Wickramasinghe, Managing Director of Capital TRUST
Properties (Pvt) Ltd (CTP), has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Top50 Professional &
Career Women Global Award’ in the Real Estate and Construction Sector. She received her
award at the Global Awards Ceremony held last month at the Shangri-La Colombo.
The Top50 Professional & Career Women Global Awards, organized by Women in
Management (WIM) in collaboration with Women in Work, celebrate and honor exceptional
women leaders from around the world. These awards highlight the achievements, experiences,
and creativity of women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their respective
fields. The Thirteenth Edition of the awards ceremony recognized twenty-one international
award winners representing various industries and countries.
With a strong background in business, Minoli Wickramasinghe has played a pivotal role in the
success of Capital TRUST Properties. Under Minoli’s visionary leadership, Capital TRUST
Properties has achieved significant milestones, including spearheading innovative projects,
delivering high-quality developments, and fostering sustainable growth in the real estate sector.
Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence have earned her widespread
recognition and respect within the industry.
Upon receiving the award, Minoli Wickramasinghe expressed her gratitude and shared a simple
yet powerful message, stating, “I am truly honored to receive the Top50 Professional & Career
Women Global Award in the Real Estate and Construction Sector. This recognition reflects the
dedication and hard work of our team at Capital TRUST Properties. I believe that empowering
women in leadership roles is not only essential for the progress of our industry but also for
creating a more inclusive and equitable society. I am committed to driving positive change and
inspiring more women to pursue their aspirations in the real estate sector.”
Serving as the Executive Director, Minoli Wickramasinghe assumes a strategic and pivotal
position within the diverse companies of the Capital Trust Holding group. Noteworthy among her
responsibilities is her role as Managing Director at Capital Trust Residencies (Pvt) Ltd., an
international award-winning developer that has been recognized for its exceptional
achievements and innovation. Capital Trust Residencies Vajira Road, Capital Trust
Thimbirigasyaya and Capital Trust Residencies Fortress all won the Asia Property Awards for
Best Condo Development and Best Interior by the Property Guru, Singapore supported by
Mitsubishi Electric and Kohler.
Capital TRUST Properties takes immense pride in Minoli Wickramasinghe’s achievement, as it
reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that
empowers women professionals to thrive and succeed. The company believes that recognizing
and supporting women leaders in the industry is crucial for achieving sustainable growth and
creating equal opportunities for all.
Capital TRUST Properties, a subsidiary of Capital TRUST Holdings Limited, is a leading Real
Estate company in Sri Lanka. Primary activities of CTP is Property Investments, Property
Brokering, Property Management Services and Property Development. CTP has executed many

strategic deals in Sri Lanka with the support of the Government Authorities. The company now
has 90 brokers and over 400 Registered Agents.
Women in Management in collaboration with Women in Work, a partnership between the
International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Government of Australia, conduct the Top50
Professional & Career Women Global Awards. This award highlights and honours women in the
national, regional, and global economy and celebrates their achievements, experience, and
creativity in leading their institutions, professions, and businesses efficiently and effectively.

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