MediHelp Hospitals launches new state-of-the-art medical center in Matugama, marks the opening of 18th Branch

MediHelp Hospitals, the country’s largest and fastest-growing primary care chain, proudly announces the grand opening of their latest branch in Matugama, Sri Lanka. The ceremonial launch event was held recently, marking the commencement of MediHelp’s 18th medical facility.

This significant expansion further strengthens their commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare services to the local community of Matugama and its surrounding regions. The decision to expand with a second healthcare facility in the Mathugama town comes as the existing premises are no longer capable of accommodating the high volume of individuals seeking specialized medical care.

The newly commissioned three-story building houses the new branch, equipped with modern facilities and advanced technology to ensure the provision of top-notch healthcare services. Additionally, Medihelp Hospitals has committed to refurbishing its first branch in Mathugama, bringing it up to par with the advanced standards set by the second branch.

Dignitaries including MediHelp Hospitals Group Chairman Lesley Wijesiriwardana, MediHelp Laboratories Group Director Sunanda Wijesiriwardana, MediHelp Hospitals Group Medical Services Director Dr. Charitha Wijesiriwardana and Group Chief Operating Officer Nishantha Jayamanne were present at the launch.

Medihelp Hospitals Group entered Matugama over a decade ago and the latest second branch is located on Nebada Road, Matugama. The new primary care centre is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities to provide primary healthcare services and includes a 24-hour outpatient department, a 24 hour emergency treatment unit, a laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray services, ultrasound scan, echocardiography, physiotherapy, optometry, as well as specialist consultation services.

With the new premises enhancing the capacities and capabilities that can be offered, Medihelp Group’s medical, nursing and paramedical service teams are also committed to providing high quality service with utmost commitment.

Speaking at the event, Medihelp Hospital Group Chairman Lesley Wijesiriwardana said “I’m proud that this business which my wife and I started a few decades ago as a diagnostic laboratory has exponentially grown into a national and renowned healthcare network, and continues to grow and heal thousands of people along the way. From the beginning, our aim has been to provide the highest quality healthcare to our customers. The Medihelp brand has come to the fore as a reliable quality healthcare provider, easily accessible and affordable for Sri Lankans due to the trust placed in us by the people.”

Furthermore, Chief Operating Officer Nishantha Jayamanne noted that “Medihelp Hospitals Group came to Matugama a decade ago and worked to provide the most optimal hospital service to the people of the area. With the passage of time, as the city became populated, the healthcare needs of the people in and around the area grew and they always wanted to access the most trusted brand with hospital services for those needs. Thus, to ensure a superior experience for patients, we have established this new healthcare centre with more facilities and services, and is situated at the heart of Matugama. We have also decided to upgrade the first branch in Matugama town to bring it up to par with the new facility in the near future.”

Medihelp Hospitals is a leading healthcare institution that has implemented advanced technology for better patient care. Through their Live Tracking system, patients can easily monitor their appointments and receive real-time updates using their mobile phones. This innovative approach enables efficient communication and enhances the overall patient experience. Medihelp Hospitals is committed to providing timely and quality healthcare services, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Medihelp Hospitals offers its patients access to a specialist consultant network of over 400 consultants in a wide array of specialties including orthopedics, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, radiology (including echocardiography and digital X-ray), ophthalmology, pulmonology, neurology, internal medicine, ENT, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics. Their dedicated team of highly skilled healthcare professionals ensures the provision of comprehensive and specialized medical care. Medihelp Hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology to deliver superior patient services. With a focus on patient well-being and quality healthcare, Medihelp Hospitals strives to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the community they serve.

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