Samsung Electronics Unveils 2023 Sustainability Report Demonstrating Strong Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Samsung Electronics, a global leader renowned for its cutting-edge
technology and commitment to innovation, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly
anticipated 2023 Sustainability Report. This comprehensive report provides a detailed overview
of Samsung’s sustainability strategy and remarkable performance across three fundamental
pillars: People, Planet, and Principle.
The 2023 report highlights Samsung’s extraordinary achievements throughout the past year,
showcasing the successful implementation of the New Environmental Strategy, a
groundbreaking initiative announced in September 2022, and the introduction of the company’s
Global Human Rights Principles.
At the core of Samsung’s sustainability drive is the New Environmental Strategy, which outlines
the company’s unwavering dedication to achieving net-zero emissions at the Device eXperience
(DX) Division by 2030 and at the company-wide level, including the Device Solutions (DS)
Division, by 2050. These ambitious goals reflect Samsung’s unwavering commitment to
combating climate change and fostering a circular economy.
In a significant milestone, Samsung has already transitioned to 100% renewable energy usage
at operational sites in Vietnam, India, and Brazil, aligning with the company’s commitment to
completely transition to renewable energy at DX and all operational sites outside Korea by

  1. Additionally, Samsung has made remarkable progress in increasing the utilization of
    recycled resin in its plastic components. By 2030, the company aims to incorporate recycled
    resin in 50% of its plastic parts, with a vision to encompass all plastic components by 2050.
    Moreover, the DS Division has expanded the deployment of Regenerative Catalytic Systems
    (RCSs) across its facilities, significantly enhancing process gas treatment efficiency while
    reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts exemplify Samsung’s proactive
    approach to addressing environmental challenges. Furthermore, Samsung’s Hwaseong
    Campus has been honored with the prestigious Platinum rating from the Alliance for Water
    Stewardship (AWS), recognizing the company’s exceptional endeavors to restore water to its
    natural state before discharge by 2040.
    In line with its commitment to collaboration, Samsung actively engages with various
    stakeholders and has joined influential global initiatives such as RE100, the Asian Clean Energy
    Coalition (ACEC), and the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE). As a
    testament to its dedication to environmental concerns, Samsung has partnered with Patagonia
    to launch a groundbreaking filter that effectively reduces microplastics released from washing
    In February 2023, Samsung announced its Global Human Rights Principles, which uphold the
    company’s profound commitment to respecting human rights in accordance with internationally
    recognized standards, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

(UNGPs). Additionally, Samsung introduced the Free Agent (FA) initiative and Samsung Talent
Exchange Program (STEP) in 2022 to provide employees with diverse opportunities to explore
different functions within the organization. Moreover, Samsung launched The University of
Samsung Electronics (The UniverSE), a comprehensive training platform dedicated to
supporting employees’ professional development.
To further solidify its sustainability objectives, Samsung has incorporated sustainability-related
indicators into the performance evaluations of organizational units and executives since 2021.
These indicators encompass a wide range of areas, including GHG emissions reduction, the
transition to renewable energy, development of energy-efficient products, compliance, and
As part of its commitment to transparency, Samsung proudly unveiled its Sustainability Website
(Sustainability | Samsung Electronics) in February 2023. Serving as a comprehensive platform,
the website offers detailed information on the company’s sustainability-related activities.
Covering a wide range of topics, including strategy and goals, ongoing efforts and progress,
environmentally responsible products, policies, quantitative performance data, news and
featured stories, as well as recognitions and awards, the Sustainability Website exemplifies
Samsung’s dedication to open and honest communication.
Samsung Electronics remains firmly committed to leading the charge towards a sustainable
future. By setting ambitious targets, implementing innovative strategies, and fostering
meaningful collaborations, Samsung aims to create a better world for all, ensuring a harmonious
balance between technological advancement and environmental stewardship.

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