Launch of “IELTS Ready: Premium” provides British Council IELTS test-takers withadvanced test prep

British Council IELTS have launched a new service, IELTS Ready: Premium, providing
innovative support for those preparing to take an IELTS test with the British Council.
The new platform will include 40 IELTS mock tests, recorded classes and will be fully supported
by native English speaking IELTS experts. Users can perfect their IELTS preparation with
practice tests in both timed and untimed formats, with all answers analysed to inform the most
useful exercises for test-takers to practice.
The IELTS Ready: Premium platform is powered by GEL – a leading provider of digital learning
in English Language Teaching based in London.
Users will also be able to access:

  • Writing practice with model answers to show what examiners are looking for to achieve
    required scores
  • Feedback on every reading and listening question
  • Tailored support to target areas where users need to improve
  • Familiarisation videos so test takers are prepared for their test
    Test takers receive unlimited free access IELTS Ready: Premium from the time they register
    for IELTS with the British Council up to their test.
    During a successful pilot period, the platform achieved high levels of user satisfaction and
    engagement amongst test-takers. 97% of users said it helped them achieve their desired score
    and 98% said they would recommend the service to others.
    Andrew Mackenzie, Director of IELTS at the British Council, said: “We want to give our IELTS
    test takers every tool we can to achieve their ambitions of living, working or studying overseas.
    “We are therefore excited to launch IELTS Ready: Premium, to help them feel fully prepared and
    have the best chance to fulfil those dreams.”
    Orlando Edwards, Country Director at the British Council Sri Lanka, said: “IELTS Ready:
    Premium is the best tool for test takers to help them achieve desirable scores that can lead to
    exciting opportunities while shaping their future in Sri Lanka as well as abroad.”
    About British Council IELTS   
    The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English
    language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. More than 11,500
    organisations globally trust IELTS. These organisations include educational institutions,
    employers, governments and professional bodies.   
    IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment
    English. Find out more about IELTS here:   
    About Guided e-Learning (GEL)

Guided e-Learning (GEL) is a leading provider of digital learning in English Language
Teaching based in London. Working with many of the top ELT providers worldwide, and with
more than 15 years of experience, GEL is proud to have supported millions of students in
achieving their English language goals. GEL provides two main products, GEL IELTS prep
and GELnet for English language schools.

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