Amrak Best School Gamer Revealed atGamer.LK’s School-level Esports Championship

Partnering with Gamer.LK, the Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences presented the Amrak Best
School Gamer Award for the smartest and the most skilled school gamer in the country.
Savindu ‘CHARLI3’ Perera from Gateway College Colombo was announced as the winner at the
The sixth edition of Gamer.LK’s Inter-School Esports Championship (ISEC) ’22 powered by
SLT-MOBITEL saw over 90 schools across Sri Lanka participate. The competition was held
online and featured 10 popular games. The awards ceremony was held at the SLT-MOBITEL
Auditorium on 29th May 2023.
The Amrak Best School Gamer competition was a special event to find the most talented
individual gamer in Sri Lanka by testing a combination of gaming knowledge and casual gaming
skill. This stood apart from the main Esports event which was purely focussed on Esports skill
and medals won for participants’ schools.
Savindu ‘CHARLI3’ Perera showcased extraordinary skill throughout the Amrak Best School
Gamer competition by participating in the online gaming quiz consisting of questions that
focussed on logic and game-industry knowledge. After placing in the top 3 of the online gaming
quiz against 550 other school gamers, Savindu moved on to the game-triathlon featuring three
hyper-casual mobile games. Here, Savindu secured the top spot thanks to skills and strategies
which earned him the title of the Amrak Best School Gamer.
The first runner up position was earned by Aalim Ahmed Riza of Gateway College and Raviru
Guwnaka from Ananda College was the second runner up.
As a testament to his talent and commitment to the world of gaming, Savindu ‘CHARLI3’ Perera
was awarded a gaming headset and an exclusive free registration at the esteemed Amrak
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