Samsung launches “Rediscover Sri Lanka” Photography Competition for Galaxy Users

Samsung, Sri Lanka’s leading smartphone brand, has captured the nation’s attention with the
launch of its groundbreaking photography competition, “Rediscover Sri Lanka with Galaxy”,
launched on the 21st of July, 2023. The competition, which has already garnered widespread
acclaim, aims to showcase the mesmerizing beauty and rich culture of Sri Lanka to the world,
while promoting tourism and contributing to the country’s economic growth.
Open exclusively to Samsung mobile users with a passion for travel and capturing scenic shots
of Sri Lanka’s breathtaking landscapes, the competition offers a unique opportunity to win a
getaway for two in the paradise island. To participate, users need to upload their best photos of
Sri Lanka to their Instagram or Facebook pages, using the hashtags #SriLanka and withGalaxy, and send a Direct Message to the official Samsung Sri Lanka page. The photography competition consists of five categories: Nature, Culture, Beach, Wildlife, and
Lifestyle, with five winners selected from each category.
Samsung’s motive behind launching this competition is to celebrate the allure of Sri Lanka—its
lush green hills, pristine beaches, historic streets, delectable street food, curries, and
sweetmeats beloved by all Sri Lankans. Through this campaign, Samsung aims to spotlight the
hospitality of the locals who call this island home. The key to achieving this goal is storytelling
through captivating photographs. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,”
and Samsung believes that stunning imagery of Sri Lanka’s beauty will awaken wanderlust in
people’s hearts, making Sri Lanka their top destination for their next adventure.
Mr. SangHwa Song, Managing Director of Samsung Sri Lanka, expressed the brand’s
motivation behind the campaign, “Sri Lanka was dealt a tough blow that we all faced. And
therefore, our national image has taken a low blow as well, reducing confidence in travelers to
visit our island paradise. And we at Samsung wanted to change this sentiment. Our goal is to
flood the hashtag with the beauty of Sri Lanka.”
This remarkable campaign is exclusively available for Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet
users, making it a first-of-its-kind initiative in the smartphone industry. Participants stand a
chance to win weekly vouchers or the grand prize—a delightful getaway to Sri Lanka’s
enchanting destinations.
For more information on how to participate in the #RediscoverSL campaign, users can visit
Samsung Sri Lanka’s social media pages. Samsung continues to be a brand that prioritizes its
customers’ needs, offering peace of mind through their Galaxy smartphones. The interactive
diagnostics and optimization on the Samsung Members app make it effortless to enhance
device performance, while the helpline provides extra support for troubleshooting any issues.
Samsung has been consistently recognized as the “People’s Youth Choice Brand of the Year” in
Sri Lanka for four consecutive years by Slim Sri Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable

brands. With a broad customer base that spans all age groups, particularly Gen Z and
Millennials, Samsung continues to lead as Sri Lanka’s No. 1 smartphone brand.
Join us in this extraordinary campaign, and let your inner photographer shine with Galaxy as we
embark on an unforgettable journey to rediscover the beauty of Sri Lanka, contributing to its
revival and resurgence as an alluring travel destination once more.

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