[Galaxy Unpacked 2023] Inspired by You, Created for You: Samsung Unveils the Latest Era of Galaxy Innovation

At this year’s Galaxy Unpacked on July 26, Samsung revealed exciting new additions to the Galaxy family, including the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5, the Galaxy Watch6 series and the Galaxy Tab S9 series. Taking place for the first time in Seoul, South Korea, the event captivated both domestic and international media and consumers worldwide. The city of Seoul is recognized as a global leader in progress, fusing tradition and modernity to serve as the ideal backdrop for Samsung’s latest lineup.

Open to new ideas, open to new ways of thinking, open to experiences we would otherwise never know,” said TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business at Samsung Electronics, who kicked off the event with his keynote speech. “Open for a world of unlimited possibilities. That’s exactly what Galaxy lets us do.”

As top executives exhibited the latest products, packed crowds experienced the newest innovations and Samsung highlighted its new vision for sustainability, everyone came together to witness how joining the flip side could transform the lifestyles of millions.

Keep reading for more photos, highlights and updates from Galaxy Unpacked 2023 in Seoul, the heart of South Korea.

Galaxy Z Flip5: The Ultimate Tool for Self-Expression

The Galaxy Z Flip5 is the perfect accessory to capture how Galaxy users look and feel — complete with an innovative design and a variety of all-new customizable features. The most apparent change was the exterior design. Flex Window, the largest Cover Screen on a Galaxy Z Flip yet, takes the camera experience of a foldable phone to the next level. The audience took note of a video with American actress Sydney Sweeney showcas ing how users can easily snap selfies or group photos at any angle, all thanks to the upgraded Flex Window.

Compact by Design: Customize Your Galaxy Z Flip5 Experience

The Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers more usability through its wider Cover Screen, all in a compact form that still fits in a pocket. What’s more, users can put their personalities on display thanks to even more ways to customize their Flex Windows. Widgets allow Galaxy users to check the weather and stock market information at a glance or control media playback without ever opening their smartphones.

Crafting the Future: Foldable Hinge Technology Redefined

Building on a legacy of innovative design and craftsmanship, the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are lighter, more compact and more durable than ever before. The all-new Flex Hinge can be adjusted with extreme precision, reducing the Fold’s gap to almost nothing while still ensuring the strength and durability to support Flex Mode. This flexible form factor will pave the way for the next phase in the evolution of foldable.

Galaxy Z Fold5: The Ultimate Productivity Powerhouse

The new Galaxy Z Fold5 is a productivity power player and a multitasking secret weapon, complete with the largest screen out of the entire Galaxy Z series to date. In today’s world, the boundaries between work and personal life are blurred, and consumers need a flexible device that supports both work and play. Providing a PC-like power in users’ pockets, the Galaxy Z Fold5 ensures that users can enjoy the ultimate mobile experience anytime, anywhere.

Up Close With Galaxy: The Experience Zone in Seoul

At Galaxy Unpacked 2023, the Experience Zone was an interactive space displaying the latest Galaxy devices. The zone featured a photo area inspired by a “hanok,” a traditional Korean house. Designed by Chae Kyung-sun, the production designer and art director of the South Korean TV series, Squid Game, the space celebrated Seoul, a city where tradition and modernity coexist.

Galaxy Unpacked 2023 has set the stage for a new era of mobile technology where user-centric innovation takes the lead. Samsung looks forward to embracing these transformative advancements, anticipating a future that is more connected, efficient and enjoyable than ever before

Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom’s complete coverage of Unpacked 2023 and the latest Galaxy innovations.


The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 will be available for pre-order in Sri Lanka from July 28, with general availability starting August 18.

 As Sri Lanka’s No. 1 smartphone brand, Samsung has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘People’s Youth Choice Brand of the Year’ for four consecutive years by SLIM Sri Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. Samsung’s customer base in Sri Lanka spans across all age groups, with a particular focus on the Gen Z and Millennial segments.

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