Unlocking the Power of Femography by MAS: Pioneering Feminine Health and Hygiene with more Sustainable Solutions

Feminine health and hygiene are the cornerstones of a woman’s overall well-being and quality of life. Yet, for far too long, the industry catering to these essential needs has been overshadowed by neglect, limited innovation, and insufficient research. Women worldwide have faced challenges in finding sustainable and empowering solutions for their menstrual and pelvic floor health, maternal and baby health, menopausal well-being, and the quest for eco-friendly alternatives. However, in 2014, a game-changer emerged to challenge the status quo and revolutionize feminine health: Femography, the FemTech arm of MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest apparel tech company.

With a firm belief in the power of innovation and the potential to bring about positive change, Femography made its mark as an innovative Sri Lankan company dedicated to addressing the pressing issues faced by women across the globe. From menstrual pain to postpartum care, menopausal discomfort to menstrual hygiene, Femography set out on a transformative journey to empower women, and break barriers and taboos with reusable lifestyle product solutions, that are better for women and the planet.

Addressing Period Poverty

Period poverty, affecting as many as 1 in 10 menstruating girls and women worldwide, is a concerning issue linked to inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and education. In Sri Lanka, menstruation remains a taboo topic, and period poverty affects many women in the country. However, with its innovative apparel industry, the country has the capacity to address women’s health through FemTech.

Leveraging technology and expertise, Sri Lanka, with the pioneering venture of MAS Holdings in FemTech through Femography, strives to develop more sustainable, technologically advanced, reusable menstrual hygiene apparel solutions to positively impact period poverty globally.

According to the CEO of Femography at MAS Holdings, Pilar Diaz, “Femography adopts a consumer-centric approach to innovation, placing the consumer at the forefront of design and development. We directly engage with consumers to understand their needs, ensuring that every product is tailored to address the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of their lives at each stage.”

Revolutionizing Menstrual and Pelvic Floor Health

Femography has spearheaded a revolution in Menstrual & Pelvic Floor Health, offering women a diverse and a more sustainable range of products compared to traditional disposable sanitary pads. Gone are the days of discomfort and worry during menstruation and episodes of urinary incontinence, as Femography’s reliable and leak-proof period underwear and swimwear provide unparalleled comfort, confidence and style. Women can now embrace every aspect of their lives without compromising on fashion, thanks to Femography’s absorbent underwear and performance apparel, which offer day-long ease and support. The icing on the cake comes in the form of Femography’s Intelligent Heating Menstrual Pain Band, providing soothing relief during menstrual discomfort and turning those challenging days into manageable moments.

Maternal & Baby Health Redefined

Femography’s commitment to women’s health transcends age, extending a lifeline of support to new mothers and babies through their Maternal & Baby Health solutions. Reusable nursing pads and supportive maternity wear offer unparalleled comfort and convenience, guiding mothers through the joys and challenges of motherhood. Femography’s postpartum care products, including absorbent underwear, prioritize both protection and comfort during this crucial time. Sustainability also reaches the youngest generation through Femography’s reusable baby diapers, promoting a sustainable future for babies and the planet alike.

Taking on Menopausal Health with Confidence

Acknowledging the unique challenges of menopause, Femography takes on menopausal health with innovative solutions. Their Menopause Clothing, featuring the Antiflush TM Technology, brings a cooling fabric that combats hot flashes and discomfort, empowering women to navigate menopause with confidence and ease. Additionally, Femography’s discreet and effective Incontinence Underwear offers much-needed support to women dealing with bladder control issues, ensuring they can embrace this new phase of life without hesitation. “Femography’s commitment extends across all life stages, catering to the needs of girls transitioning into teenagers and women and supporting them through various phases of development, including menopause. With an inclusive approach that encompasses the full spectrum of women’s experiences, Femography fearlessly addresses taboos and unspoken needs often overlooked by others” said Diaz.

Championing Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability lies at the heart of Femography’s mission, driven by the forward-thinking approach of its parent company, MAS Holdings “The environmental impact of disposable sanitary wear is staggering, with a single woman having approximately 450 periods in her lifetime, lasting about 5 days each month. In North America alone, this contributes to a staggering 20 billion sanitary napkins, tampons and applicators that are disposed of every year, with majority ending up in landfills,” added Janith Dushyantha, Tech Innovation Lead, Femography at MAS Holdings. On average, just one package of sanitary napkins is equivalent to using over 5 plastic bags. The heavy use of disposable sanitary products is a major contributor to pollution, filling landfills with non-biodegradable waste and adding to the global plastic problem. As awareness grows about these alarming figures, there is an increasing need to shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that reduce environmental burdens and promote a greener future. In response, Femography offers high-quality, long-lasting alternatives to disposables, aiming to reduce waste and minimize environmental burdens. This commitment to sustainability reflects Femography’s vision of a greener future for women and the planet, where every choice made contributes to a positive impact.

Raising the Bar with Safety, Compliance & Education

For Femography, safety and consumer well-being are non-negotiable. Adhering to strict regulations, their FemTech products maintain the highest quality standards, building trust and credibility amongst consumers. As pioneers in shaping industry regulations, Femography takes pride in launching the first global lab test protocol for Washable Absorbent Underwear, ensuring that minimum safety standards are met. “Femography prioritizes safety and compliance, adhering to specific standards to ensure consumer well-being,” says Dushyantha. “The rigorous approach to safety in the Sri Lankan apparel industry has influenced Femography’s commitment to providing safe and reliable products for women’s health.”  Education is another cornerstone of Femography’s mission, empowering women with knowledge and resources to make informed choices about their health and hygiene.

Driving Positive Transformation Worldwide

As a champion in raising awareness and promoting sustainable alternatives, Femography’s efforts resonate worldwide. Collaborations spanning the globe allow Femography to advocate reusable solutions, educate consumers about the environmental impact of disposable products, and continuously innovate to meet the evolving needs of women. This global impact cements Femography’s position as a driving force in feminine health and hygiene, paving the way for positive transformation in the industry.

Femography’s journey is not merely about apparel; it is a testament to the power of innovation, challenging taboos, and championing inclusivity. With the unwavering support of MAS Holdings and the innovative spirit of Sri Lanka’s apparel industry, Femography is propelling a brighter and healthier future for women worldwide, one sustainable solution at a time. From menstrual empowerment to maternal support, from menopause comfort to environmental consciousness, Femography stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring women to embrace their true potential and take charge of their well-being with confidence and sustainability.

Pilar Diaz – CEO of Femography
Janith Dushyantha – Tech Innovation Lead, Femography
Second Edition of the #BleedGood Awareness Workshop for School Children in Partnership with the Selyn Foundation

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