Enfection launches vAIral as first AI-Human marketing agency in Sri Lanka

Enfection, a trailblazing force in the marketing industry, has announced the launch of its latest brainchild, vAIral. Seamlessly blending human creativity with the unstoppable force of AI, this cutting-edge platform brings forth a revolutionary approach to marketing; redefining the marketing landscape, and positioning Enfection as the first AI-Human agency in Sri Lanka.

In a world where the potential of AI was first met with uncertainty, Enfection diligently worked behind the scenes to harness its true power. The result is vAIral; a remarkable leap into the future of marketing that bridges the gap between ingenious creativity and cutting-edge AI technology.

Unlike traditional automated systems, vAIral represents a paradigm shift in the marketing landscape by augmenting rather than replacing human talent,” says Saliya Withana, CEO at Enfection. “It’s not about replacing human talent with AI, but rather empowering our incredible team of prompt engineers and creative strategists with AI-driven tools.”

At the heart of vAIral’s offerings lies its exceptional capacity to create engaging content quickly and easily. Clients simply convey their ideas, and vAIral brings them to life, allowing them to fine-tune their inputs to match their unique style and vision.

The platform boasts an impressive range of services, including blog writing, social media post creation, AI-generated articles, and advanced features such as enhancing and creating stunning animated videos.

“Whether you need captivating blog posts, engaging social media content, or articles tailored to your niche, vAIral has got you covered,” says Lahiru Halkewela, COO at Enfection. “Every piece of content generated by our AI is meticulously vetted by our team of expert human content creators, ensuring top-notch quality that resonates with your audience.”

“With vAIral, we provide a solution for both startups and enterprises to scale their branding efforts by delivering content at speed without compromising on quality,” adds Shezri Junaid, Chief Strategy Officer at Enfection.

The team behind vAIral, known as the “Enfectors,” comprises of marketing virtuosos who have harnessed the true potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize content generation.

With the launch of vAIral, Enfection reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of marketing innovation and delivering unparalleled solutions to their clients.

About Enfection:

Enfection is the marketing services brand of Momentro. As part of a growing global family, Enfection’s outlook is international while focusing on localised solutions. With a presence in the APAC region, the Company is on a growth trajectory with an expansion drive into MENA, EU, UK and ANZ. Enfection provides innovative and creative strategies that strengthen businesses and brands across the spectrum of industries.

Enfection Chief Strategy OfficerShezri Junaid, COO Lahiru Halkewela and CEO Saliya Withana

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