LPL2023 racks up over 60 million views as TikTok becomes Official Content Partner for Lanka Premier League 2023

TikTok has announced its partnership with Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2023 as the official content partner. The
partnership allows fans to celebrate LPL’s unforgettable moments together on the
platform using the hashtag #LPL2023, which has already garnered over 60 million
views to date.
In this LPL Season 04, 15 matches have been scheduled to be played
in Colombo and Kandy from July 30. TikTok users will get the opportunity to engage
and generate content on the platform that now has more than one billion active users
across the globe. With everything from pre and post-match content to highlights,
TikTok will unite Sri Lankan cricket enthusiasts and short video creators on one
dynamic platform, bringing an unprecedented fusion of sports and entertainment. To
get match updates and know more, anyone can follow #LPL2023 and even create
videos using the same hashtag.
This partnership comes as TikTok aims to cement its position as the perfect platform
for cricket fandom in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, Lanka Premier League’s commitment
to delivering top-tier cricket and nurturing young talent aligns perfectly with TikTok’s
mission of bringing fans across the island nation together to celebrate, engage, and
create a community around the most exciting moments in cricket.
“Entertainment platform is the best tool to deliver cricket content to a wider audience.
This collaboration with TikTok will certainly help Lanka Premier League
2023 to grow globally. The popularity of LPL 2023 and TikTok will make the event a
grand success,” said Anil Mohan Sankhdhar, Founder, and CEO of IPG
Group—the official rights holder of LPL.
“We are excited to become the official content partner of the Lanka Premier League
2023,” said Pooja Dutta, Head of Content Operations, South Asia at TikTok.
“With this partnership, we aim to bring the spirit and passion of this great tournament
to its fans on TikTok this season. TikTok has become a vibrant hub of sports content
in the last two years.Creating an online arena where fans play, we will be offering our
Sri Lankan community new ways of creating and engaging with Sri Lanka’s most
popular sporting event. Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka and we are
happy to have partnered with cricket’s most celebrated event in the country. We look
forward to TikTok fast becoming the home of fandom for not just cricket but other
sports in Sri Lanka as well.”
Sri Lankans’ love for cricket runs deep, fueling a passionate bond with the sport that
transcends borders and unites communities. This partnership with TikTok will nurture
incredible, never-seen-before sporting content, while enabling Sri Lankan creators to
relive and remix some of the best moments in the tournament.

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