TVS Motor Company launches premium electric crossover, TVS X – Sets new global benchmarks in the EV industry

In line with its commitment towards offering sustainable mobility solutions globally, TVS
Motor Company, a reputed manufacturer of two and three-wheelers, launched the keenly anticipated, TVS
X its flagship crossover EV with a host of industry first attributes. This revolutionary machine sets a new
benchmark in the global electric mobility industry with its stunning design, unmatched performance, and
cutting-edge tech features, carving out a new category in the electric mobility segment. As a frontrunner in
sustainable mobility solutions, TVS Motor Company aims to transform the EV segment and reaffirm its
commitment to a more sustainable and cleaner future.
With a rapid uptick in the adoption of EVs globally, the TVS X will play a pivotal role in creating a niche in the
EV industry. Backed by rider-first engineering, to deliver rider-machine unity, this lean-mean-clean machine
designed to create desire, has been developed from the ground up at TVS Motor’s R&D facility. Designed,
developed, and made-in-India, TVS X comes with a powerful electric motor and advanced battery
technology. This machine promises not only thrilling acceleration but also an impressive range, ensuring
convenience and comfort, thus making it an ideal zero-emission and sophisticated electric mobility solution.
This flagship EV from the house of TVS Motor introduces not only stellar performance, but also an array of
safety features, with a number of class leading offerings in line with its vision of creating a clean, intuitive
and tech-first product.
Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director, TVS Motor Company said, “Our
dedication to harness technology and innovation towards a greener and more sustainable future has
brought to us this incredibly desirable machine. This launch marks a defining moment in TVS Motors’
journey of showcasing a made-in-India EV, the TVS X. It has been designed for the global citizens, who are
trendsetters and visionaries with a passion for technology. It is set to inspire a shift towards premium yet
sustainable and technologically advanced mobility solutions. It leads the way to become a global benchmark
for a machine that is born electric. The TVS X embodies innovation with a disruptive mindset. It has
sustainability at its core and embodies the next era of clean mobility. With its remarkable performance,
premium aesthetics, and integrated, intuitive, and personalised experiences, we believe it will redefine
mobility worldwide.”
At the heart of the TVS X is its cutting-edge design, created with an inside-out approach, where form
follows function. It offers a visually stunning silhouette that has been aerodynamically optimised to bring
to life our design philosophy that shows harmonious flow and dynamics, leading to a machine that is
designed to be truly fast and thrilling. This electric machine is an absolute head-turner and evokes an
unbroken sense of awesome wonder in every rider.
The TVS X is built around a ‘rider-first’ philosophy. It has been developed from the ground up to break the
norm and is engineered to allow riders to experience handling at a telepathic level. From vehicle dynamics,
control software, powertrain, the aluminium frame, new OS, to the robust software architecture, everything has been developed from scratch in house by dedicated design, engineering, and software teams.

TVS X has a high-performance battery pack that delivers 4.44kWh of installed capacity energy, one of the
best in the segment. The in-house developed Battery Management System at TVS Motor ensures safe
operation and prolonged lifespan of the cells by continuously monitoring current flow. Finally, TVS X comes
with option of Smart X Home rapid charger, that delivers 0 – 50% in 50 minutes (optional add-on 3 kW fast charger) OR portable charger delivering 0 – 80% in 4 hours 30 minutes (950W charger).
The re-imagined rider interface comes with a 10.2-inch HD+ TFT touchscreen, the largest in this class, and
offers deeper customisation. To add to the convenience, the expansive cluster, placed atop the forged

aluminium handlebar, can also be adjusted for tilt, ensuring the rider always has the best visibility in all
riding positions.
TVS NavPro, the onboard navigation system built with the next-gen TVS SmartXonnect platform, brings
context aware information to the rider. The signature EV specific routing algorithms pre-emptively maps
charging stations enroute for a hassle-free experience enhancing productivity. Further, the destinations
between the mobile app and the vehicle can be seamlessly synced.
The launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric mobility. With exceptional
performance, intuitive technology, and futuristic design, TVS X is set to create a lasting impression across
the world and reinforce TVS Motors’ position as a pioneer in the EV industry. Focusing on key international
markets, leveraging its well-established network and strategic partnerships, TVS Motor aims to introduce
the TVS X across global markets, offering its customers an elevated commuting experience.

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