Gamer.LK Brings Esports Excitement tohSenid, Elevating Workplace Engagement

Gamer.LK, the premier Esports organisation in Sri Lanka recently joined forces with hSenid
Business Solutions PLC to curate an exhilarating Esports series exclusively for the company’s
workforce. Underscoring its commitment to taking the thrill of Esports to workplaces, Gamer.LK
continues to work with innovative companies like hSenid who wish to embrace the sport of the
future and create a dynamic work culture through competitive gaming at the workplace.
With a legacy spanning over 26 years, hSenid Business Solutions PLC holds the distinction of
being Sri Lanka’s first enterprise software company listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The
company’s unwavering focus on innovation and versatility is evident in its diverse suite of
offerings, catering not only to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) but also
encompassing Human Resource Outsourcing and Employee Tracking Solutions & Access
Control. The company’s reach extends across 6 countries, serving over 1 million users which
span over 1,500 organizations across 20 industries in over 40 countries.
“We believe in nurturing a workplace that resonates with the aspirations of our millennial and
gen-z workforce,” says Dinushan Thennakoon, Head of Human Resources at hSenid Business
Solutions PLC. “Our first-ever Esports series is a testament to our dedication to providing our
employees with an engaging and enjoyable work atmosphere. It’s heartening to witness the
enthusiastic participation and the positive impact of Esports on our employees.”
Competitive gaming serves as an engaging platform at a workplace for employees to develop
and enhance skills crucial to their professional growth. The strategic thinking, problem-solving,
teamwork, and adaptability required in Esports mirror the very qualities that drive success in the
corporate world thereby creating an avenue for employees to hone their decision-making
abilities, refine their communication skills, and embrace innovation—all while enjoying a
captivating recreational activity.
hSenid’s dedication to innovation, employee satisfaction, and team-building was commendable
as it aims to position itself as the premier choice for millennials and the gen-z workforce seeking
an enriching and progressive work environment. Gamer.LK worked with the teams at hSenid,
namely hSenidBiz HR and the Club at hSenid to curate this event for its employees and make it
a success.

Vasana Gunasekera, the project coordinator for the event, expressed her satisfaction with the
seamless execution: “The Esports series brought together employees in an entirely new and
exciting way and the event went off without any issues. The coordination with Gamer.LK worked
seamlessly, and the positive energy among the teams was palpable.”
Gamer.LK is poised to lead the charge in transforming the corporate landscape through the
power of competitive gaming. As the momentum grows and more companies like hSenid
experience the myriad benefits of integrating Esports into their work cultures, Gamer.LK stands
ready to shine a spotlight on these success stories, demonstrating how Esports can truly
invigorate teams, ignite innovation, and forge stronger bonds in the modern professional world.

Gamer.LK Brings Esports Excitement to
hSenid, Elevating Workplace Engagement

Gamer.LK is Sri Lanka’s premier Games & Esports organisation with over 15 years of
experience in organising Esports activities and tournaments in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK’s
consistent efforts in organising Esports events and creating a holistic ecosystem around Esports
and related activities have led to rapid growth in Esports in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK has also
extended its industry expertise to international markets, mainly in South Asia by creating
experiences for the region such as the IGE South Asia Cup.
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