SuwaDiviyajoins hands with Sri Lankan corporates to push for diabetes prevention

SuwaDiviya, the not-for-profit initiative dedicated to promoting healthier living and diabetes awareness, has successfully conducted free diabetes awareness programs recently for several prominent Sri Lankan corporates. The sessions focused on the prevention and management of diabetes.

Some of the organizations that have recently participated in SuwaDiviya’s corporate programs were Sri Lankan Airlines, Imperial Teas, Atlas, Dimo, NDB Bank, HNB, Standard Chartered, Sri Lanka Standards Institution(SLSI) Allianz Insurance, Maliban,Hirdaramani and MAS. Through these sessions, SuwaDiviya aimed to empower employees with essential knowledge and practical strategies to manage their health and prevent the onset of diabetes.

The comprehensive covered several vital aspects of diabetes prevention and management — prevention of diabetes, early diagnosis, adequate control and prevention of complications. Participants also learned about the importance of lifestyle changes, such as healthy and nutritional eating habits and regular exercise, in preventing diabetes.

The sessions also featured presentations by a diverse range of health experts which provided insights into effectively managing diabetes through proper medication, monitoring, and lifestyle adjustments. Additionally, SuwaDiviya highlighted the significance of early detection through screenings and risk assessments, including blood glucose testing, height, weight, waist measurement, and BMI calculation.

“We are delighted with the overwhelming response from the corporate sector to our diabetes awareness programs,” said SuwaDiviya Founder Dr.Kayathri Periasamy. “By providing practical knowledge and tools to corporate employees, we believe we are contributing to building a healthier future for both individuals and organizations. In Sri Lanka, diabetes has grown into an alarming epidemic. A staggering 1 in 4 individuals is grappling with diabetes, while an additional 30% teeter on the brink as prediabetics. What’s more concerning is the rapid rise of diabetes among urban youth, with the age of onset steadily decreasing, while the sedentary lifestyles they lead further aggravate the situation, with direct implications for the workforce. A significant proportion of those suffering from diabetes, approximately 1 million people, remain unaware of their condition.

“The tests carried out at our corporate programs also indicate that 1 in 4 people have abnormal blood sugar levels, out of which 1/3 are totally unaware of this condition. This means that the latter is exposed to dangerous consequences of diabetes even without their knowledge. The good news is that diabetes can be prevented. That’s why we are working together with companies to educate people,” Dr. Periasamy said further. SuwaDiviya remains committed to empowering the Sri Lankan corporate sector with essential knowledge to address the diabetes epidemic effectively. By working hand in hand with organizations, SuwaDiviya aims to create a culture of well-being, supporting employees in leading healthier and more fulfilling lives while contributing to reducing the burden of diabetes in Sri Lanka.

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