Sampath Bank partners with BOI and Ministry of Investment Promotion to launch ‘Sri Lanka’s Banking Guide for Investors & BOI Companies’ to further attract foreign direct investments.

Sampath Bank PLC, in collaboration with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) and the Ministry of Investment Promotion, proudly unveiled the comprehensive Banking Guide titled ‘Sri Lanka Banking Guide for Investors and BOI Companies’.

The event was held at the Sampath Bank’s corporate office on the 28th of August 2023, with the participation of senior dignitaries from the BOI and Sampath Bank PLC.

This Banking Guide serves as a strategic initiative to support the nation’s drive to attract foreign direct investments. It further offers comprehensive banking insights tailored for investors and BOI companies, addressing key areas such as investment accounts, operational banking, borrowing solutions, and related financial services.

Picture 1The Banking Guide also includes an insightful economic outlook, offering a holistic perspective that extends beyond markets and imparts valuable knowledge. Available in both print and electronic formats, the guide ensures convenient access to investors and BOI companies – a substantial stride towards streamlining and enriching the banking experience for the Bank’s esteemed partners, reflecting Sampath Bank’s commitment to fostering growth and progress.

Left to right: Ms. Priyanka Samaraweera, Executive Director – Research & Policy Advocacy – BOI, Ms. Renuka Weerakone, Director General – BOI, Mr Dinesh Weerakkody, Chairman – BOI with Sampath Bank’s Mr Harsha Amarasekera – Chairman, Ms Ayodhya Iddawela Perera – Managing Director, Mr. Tharaka Ranwala – Senior Deputy General Manager – Marketing & Customer Care, Ms Nirmalie D Rajarathna – Senior Manager – Strategic Business Coordinations and Mr Sanjaya Gunawardana – Chief Strategy Officer.

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