Prestigious ‘Order of the Rising Sun’ bestowed upon Watawala Plantations PLC Chairman Sunil Wijesinha by Japan

Sunil Wijesinha, Chairman of Watawala Plantations PLC, has
been honoured with the prestigious ‘The Order of the Rising Sun’ by the Government of
Japan. This esteemed decoration was conferred upon him for his remarkable and
enduring contributions to enhancing the Japan-Sri Lanka relationship.
Established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji, the Order of the Rising Sun recognizes
individuals who have accomplished distinguished achievements in international
relations, promoting Japanese culture, and preserving the environment. Mizukoshi
Hideaki, the Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka, conferred the Order of the Rising Sun,
Gold and Silver Star, upon Wijesinha, honouring him with the oldest decoration and
third-highest honour awarded by the Japanese government.
Wijesinha, the former President of the Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural
Association (JASTECA), has tirelessly advocated for promoting Japan’s innovative
organizational management systems in Sri Lanka. His dedicated efforts have introduced
concepts such as ‘5S’ (a system for organizing spaces for efficient, effective, and safe
work), “Quality Circles” (involving non-executive employees in quality and productivity
improvement projects), Total Quality Management, and Kaizen (a concept focused on
improving organizational activities) to Sri Lanka.
One of his pioneering achievements was the establishment of JASTECA, where he
played a pivotal role as one of the founding members. Under his leadership, JASTECA
became a catalyst for introducing and disseminating Japanese management systems in
Sri Lanka. He also initiated an award program to acknowledge and celebrate Sri Lankan
companies that successfully implemented the 5S system, further promoting the
adoption of efficient and effective workplace practices.
In addition to these endeavours, Wijesinha organized numerous international
conferences on Japanese-style management and 5S in Sri Lanka, authored articles in
newspapers and magazines, and delivered local and international lectures. His
dedication to spreading the benefits of Japanese management systems has profoundly
impacted Sri Lanka’s business landscape.
Wijesinha’s contributions extended beyond advocacy and education; he was
commissioned as an adviser to the Government of Sri Lanka, where he imparted his
expertise on the Japanese management system. Furthermore, he provided valuable
support to both Sri Lankan and Japanese companies interested in investing in Sri
Lanka, fostering economic cooperation and mutual understanding between the two

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