Accelerating local pharma growth: Hayleys Lifesciences empowersmanufacturers with cutting-edge scientific tech & compliance solutions

 Bridges market gap of essential medical equipment, minimize reliance on imports
 Launches world’s first living analytical intelligence instrument ‘Living LC’
 Provides unprecedented speed through Client Server for networked laboratories
Hayleys Lifesciences, a pre-eminent supplier of cutting-edge analytical equipment and
consumables, announced its intention to harness the power of its extensive global network
to provide much-needed analytical equipment to the pharmaceutical industry.
Offering end-to-end solutions for pharmaceutical and product manufacturing, Hayleys
Lifesciences is ideally positioned to support this domestic expansion and reduce the nation’s
reliance on the import of essential medicines. In achieving this goal, the company empowers
local manufacturers with analytical equipment of the highest global standards, including
British, US and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (BP, UP, JP), while employing software that meets
the stringent requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 standards for data integrity.
“Our vision is to establish a robust and sustainable pharmaceutical industry that benefits our
nation and its people. Given Sri Lanka’s heavy reliance on essential medicine imports and the
critical shortages we have faced, supporting the expansion of world-class domestic pharma
manufacturing is a national imperative.
“Building upon our decade-long partnership with Shimadzu, a renowned Japanese
manufacturer of precision instruments, measuring instruments and medical equipment, we
aim to deliver cutting-edge technologies to the industry – essential to meet international
standards,” Hayleys Lifesciences Deputy Managing Director, Athula Wijayananda said.
Marking the culmination of nearly 150 years of innovation, Shimadzu in 2021 introduced the
world’s first living analytical instrument – the living LC –incorporating the dynamics of
human life in technology. Built with the analytical intelligence that can accomplish
autonomous operations from starting up instruments to performing analysis and its
subsequent shutdown, Living LCs can handle many complex functions without any human
intervention via remote monitoring, making them ideal for futuristic smart labs.
Additionally, Shimadzu’s Client Server network facility connects multiple instruments to a
centralised control and data management system, which can be seamlessly extended to
Laboratory Information Management Systems. This in turn provides total visibility and
control across the entire manufacturing process, in strict compliance with industry
standards and specifications.

Press Release
“The opportunities for growth in the precision analytical equipment industry is immense. By
facilitating access to best-in-class technology, and leveraging our extensive services and
technical expertise, we can help bridge these critical gaps in supply and demand, thereby
improving access to essential medicine for all Sri Lankans,” Wijayananda added.
Working to ensure excellence and seamless aftersales services, Hayleys Lifesciences has
expanded its expert teams of technical engineers and application specialists to provide
technical support within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry. Ongoing training is provided to
ensure that they remain abreast of the latest global best practices.
In addition to consolidating their position as the market leader in the pharmaceutical sector,
Hayleys Lifesciences manages a diversified presence across several major markets, providing
analytical equipment, consumables and related services.
Incorporated in June 2008, Hayleys Lifesciences is a fully owned subsidiary of Hayleys
Aventura (Pvt) Ltd., and is Sri Lanka’s trusted leaders in the import, marketing, and
distributing of medical and analytical equipment as well as consumables from world
renowned brands.
As a total solutions provider, Hayleys Lifesciences provides end-to-end solutions, including
installation, commissioning, and testing of all equipment, and provides pre- and after-sales
technical consultancy, maintenance and breakdown services.

QA team of Navesta Pharmaceuticals and the Hayleys Lifesciences team

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