SLT-MOBITEL Pioneers 5G Technology in Sports Broadcasting

Powers the 86th Nuwara Eliya Golf Club Championship using 5G Trial Technology

Harmonising the fusion of technology and sports, SLT-MOBITEL, as the exclusive partner to the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club (NEGC), powered the 86th Nuwara Eliya Golf Club Championship via its state-of-the-art 5G trial technology, which concluded on a high note recently. The 5G endeavour offered an immersive experience to golfers and viewers through real-time sports broadcasting.

The NEGC Championship Golf Tournament is a prestigious sporting event that showcases the talents of golfers in Sri Lanka. This tournament is a platform for golf enthusiasts to witness exceptional skills and sportsmanship. SLT-MOBITEL partnered with the NEGC Championship, bridging technology and sports and creating a historic moment as it introduced a novel approach to sports coverage that leverages the power of 5G technology.

The live 5G-powered coverage offered stunning high-definition streaming of the entire golf course by capturing every swing, putt, and thrilling moments of the tournament in real-time. This transformative approach not only enhanced the viewing experience for golf enthusiasts and sports fans but also opened doors for future advancements in sports broadcasting.

As the National ICT Solutions Provider, SLT-MOBITEL continues to drive positive change in Sri Lanka’s technological landscape by elevating sports to the next phase of digital advancement through the power of technology.

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