‘Seetha’ brought to Gannoruwa for observation

Veterinarian Dr. Tharindu Wijekone of the Sri Dalada Maligawa Veterinary Unit said that the she-elephant Seetha, can be taken back to its owner’s premises in Maharagama after keeping her under medical supervision for about another week.

The elephant was brought to Gannoruwa, Kandy, from Mahiyanganaya day before yesterday (5) in the evening, in a truck.

Dr. Wijekone said that the elephant is being treated for gun shot wounds and wounds that have resulted due to a surgery and that as of now the wounds are healing.

He emphasised the fact that, keeping elephants in one place without exercise for about a week results in an elephant falling sick. He said that a swelling had been noticed in abdominal area of the elephant, probably caused by this reason. He mentioned that allowing the elephant to walk a certain distance daily, will help avoid such ailments.

He also said that it is not good to transport this elephant a long distance, at once and hence it was brought to Gannoruwa first and to facilitate provision of treatment.

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