SLT-MOBITEL5G enriches Golfing Experience at the prestigious Victoria Derby Tournament2023

Elevating sports through the fusion of technology, SLT-MOBITELenhanced the golfing experience at the recently concluded Victoria Derby Golf Tournamenthosted bythe Nuwara Eliya Golf Clubby integrating the cutting-edge capabilities of itstrial 5G live screening, offering an immersive experience for both participants and players.

The Victoria Derby Golf Tournament, known for pursuitof sporting excellence and competitive spirit, celebrateda community of golf enthusiastswith participants from the Victoria Golf Resort (VGR) and Nuwara Eliya Golf Club (NEGC) showcasing remarkable talents.While the gentlemen’s tournament ended in a draw, the spirited ladies’ competition was won by members of the NEGC. All participants demonstrated exceptional skills and sportsmanship throughout the competition. As the National ICT Solutions Provider, SLT-MOBITEL’s technology integration demonstratesitscommitment to supporting and enhancing sports in Sri Lanka through the power of technology

Top left – The NEGC Women’s team with the Championship Trophy, Top Right – SLT-MOBITEL Powered trial 5G real-time live screening during the event

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