Tokyo Cement Encourages Forest-Bathing in The Horton Plains

is an outstanding natural wonder. The remarkable biodiversity of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is Sri Lanka’s Horton Plains National Park with sweeping grasslands and montane evergreen cloud forests reaffirmed by the astounding number of flora and fauna there that are not seen anywhere else on the planet.

Mr. S. R. Gnanam, Managing Director of the Tokyo Cement Group, whilst bestowing a new Ranger Office at the Dayagama Walking Trail of the HPNP to the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) commented, “This marks the beginning of a ‘Culture of Forest Bathing’ in our country, made famous by the Japanese who revive their lives bathing in the healing tranquility among trees and nature. I have personally experienced this walking trail to be the most picturesque route to the Horton Plains, providing an incomparable forest-bathing experience as you walk through the dense tropical montane forest.” Whilst thanking the DWC for assuring exclusivity of the trail for trekkers and cyclists, he added that Tokyo Cement Group partnered this initiative because the Group understood the importance of scientific conservation of unique nature reserves such as The Horton Plains National Park (HPNP). It is the only nature reserve where visitors are allowed on foot, across the rolling plains and tropical hills. Whilst many visitors take the motorable routes from Pattipola or Ohiya, the 5 km long Dayagama East Walking Trail is taken essentially by discerning nature lovers. This trekking path, a section of the world-famous Pekoe Trail, is an undisputed favourite among ardent birding enthusiasts, guaranteeing encounters with an array of migratory and resident bird species, many of them endemic to Horton Plains.

Being less popular the Dayagama East entrance was largely unmonitored, thus making it a vulnerable entry and exit route. The DWC sought ways to streamline visitor activity on this route, whilst contending with limited resources for many years. The DWC invited Tokyo Cement Group, known for its extensive environmental conservation initiatives and a deep attachment with the Horton Plains, to establish a DWC Ranger Office at the entrance of the Dayagama East Walking Trail.

Chairman of the Tokyo Cement Group Dr. Harsha Cabral PC and Managing Director, Mr. S. R. Gnanam handed over the newly built office complex to the Minister of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation, Hon. (Mrs.) Pavithra Wanniarachchi and the Director General of DWC, Mr. Chandana Sooriyabandara.

Dr. Harsha Cabral PC, Chairman of the Tokyo Cement Group, commending the efforts of Hon. Minister Wanniarachchi said, “This Dayagama visitor entrance, dedicated to those who come here purely to enjoy the scenic peak wilderness, extends Tokyo Cement Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Prohibiting the entry of all forms of motor vehicles and unauthorized trespassers will ensure the protection of this unique flora and fauna not just today, but for our future generations.”

In addition to the new DWC office, Tokyo Cement Group established educational signage boards at key points of the walking trail and main road, revealing the unique flora and fauna spotted at the HPNP. These informative boards designed by the Parrotfish Collective, create awareness on the park’s rich biodiversity and educate visitors about the importance of its conservation. Tokyo Cement Group intends this far-reaching nature conservation project will enrich the immersive experience of visitors to the Horton Plains National Park.

 Mr. S. R. Gnanam Managing Director of Tokyo Cement Group, Hon. Minister of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Pavithra Wanniarachchi, and Dr. Harsha Cabral PC, Chairman of Tokyo Cement Group inaugurate the Dayagama DWC Ranger Office at the Horton Plains National Park.
 (standing from left) Dr. Harsha Cabral PC, Chairman of Tokyo Cement Group, Mr. Kanchana Jayaratne, Hon. (Mrs.) Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Minister of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation, and Mr. S. R. Gnanam Managing Director of Tokyo Cement Group inspect the newly opened Dayagama Walking Trail to the Horton Plains National Park.
Tokyo Cement Group invites true nature-lovers for an exclusive forest-bathing experience in the Horton Plains through the Dayagama Walking Trail

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