Woman’s body recovered in ​​Vavuniya, with arms and leg amputated

Echankulam police said that a dead body of a woman was found in Kurishutta Kulam area of ​​Vavuniya, Tharanikulam this evening (14.11).

The residents of the area have informed the Echankulam police about the body of a woman found floating in the water of the Tharanikulam Kurishutta Pond.
After this, the police visited the spot and recovered the body. Police said the body was found in a mutilated state with two arms and one leg missing.
Forensic police suspect that both arms and legs may have been amputated, and the body recovered is believed to be under the age of 26, and the body remains unidentified. Echangulam police are conducting further investigations related to the incident.

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