Did You Know? National Flags at ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Are Made of Recycled PET Bottles

Celebrating the shared passion for cricket and a dedication to sustainability, Coca-Cola India and ICC unveiled national flags crafted from post-consumer PET bottles, making ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup tournament a platform for promoting environmental responsibility.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 kicked off on 5 October, 2023, with an inspiring and sustainable twist as Coca-Cola India — in collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC) — introduced a pioneering initiative in the world of cricket. Celebrating the shared passion for the sport and a dedication to sustainability, Coca-Cola India and ICC unveiled national flags crafted from post-consumer PET bottles, making this global sporting event a platform for promoting environmental responsibility.

PET bottles were ingeniously transformed into yarn, which was then skillfully crafted into flags. These flags played a prominent role in the pre-match national anthem ceremony at stadiums throughout the tournament. Coca-Cola India oversaw the creation of national flags for all 10 participating nations, as well as 10 ICC unity flags. 

This environmental initiative ushered in a new era of responsibility and sustainability, showcasing Coca-Cola’s commitment to a greener future. In doing so, Coca-Cola and ICC became the first companies worldwide to introduce recycled PET national flags to the game of cricket, setting a precedent for future sporting events. 

“Innovation and sustainability take center stage at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, where national flags, embodying unity, and pride, are now crafted from recycled PET bottles. With Coca-Cola India’s collaboration, we have introduced a groundbreaking environmental initiative, symbolizing our collective pledge towards a more eco-friendly future and a sustainable sports culture,” stated an ICC Head of Events, Chris Tetley.

To bring these exceptional flags to life, approximately 11,000 PET bottles were used to create each national flag, while approximately 2,000 PET bottles were utilised for each ICC unity flag. The flags were skillfully manufactured by GoRevise — a division of Ganesha Ecoverse Limited — which specialises in the production of recycled yarn and garments. Over 100 dedicated workers contributed their time and effort, working tirelessly for 25 days and clocking over 300 hours to produce these flags. 

“We are thrilled to announce Coca-Cola India — partnering with the International Cricket Council in collaboration with Go Rewise. Together, we have made history at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 by unveiling the National Flags of each country participating in the World Cup and the ICC Unity Flag. These flags are a first in cricket worldwide, made entirely from Recycled PET bottles. India is celebrating, and we at Go Rewise are equally delighted to be a part of this incredible moment,” said Sandeep Khandelwal, Vice President, Ganesha Ecosphere and Managing Director, Ganesha Ecoverse. 

Coca-Cola India initiated both- online and offline (on-ground) initiatives throughout the tournament, aimed at engaging fans and consumers and raising awareness about waste management. The Company is facilitating waste management as part of the #MaidaanSaaf campaign and has installed reverse vending machines at all the stadiums for the collection of consumed PET. 

Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing, Coca-Cola India & Southwest Asia, expressed, “Coca-Cola has a mission to support sustainability efforts as an integral part of all sporting events. Aligned with this mission, we take pride in unveiling national flags made with recycled PET at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 today. With these recycled national and ICC unity flags we are dedicated to advancing the principles of a circular economy.” 

Recognising the significance of sports and cricket in the hearts of millions in India, Coca-Cola India, and ICC intend to showcase their commitment to creating a sustainable sporting experience during this World Cup.

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