Suwa Diviya’s first public event successfully concluded, drawing over 300 participants.

Suwa Diviya hosted the ‘Unmask Diabetes’ event at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute during World Diabetes Month. Drawing an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 participants, it served as a platform advocating proactive steps in managing diabetes. Suwa Diviya is a dedicated non-profit organization committed to raising awareness about diabetes, focusing on preventing and managing diabetes.

In Sri Lanka, diabetes has grown into an alarming epidemic. A staggering 1 in 4 individuals is grappling with diabetes, while an additional 30% teeter on the brink as prediabetes. What’s more concerning is the rapid rise of diabetes among urban youth, with the age of onset steadily decreasing, while the sedentary lifestyles they lead further aggravate the situation, with direct implications for the workforce. A significant proportion of those suffering from diabetes, approximately 1 million people, remain unaware of their condition.

The chief guest, Dr. Dimuthu Muthukuda, a renowned endocrinologist and President of the College of Endocrinologists, delivered the keynote address at the event. Dr. Muthukuda engaged the audience in a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted aspects of diabetes. She explained to the audience why diabetes is referred to as the silent killer and stressed the need for heightened awareness. She discussed the association with critical ailments like heart attacks, kidney failure, and the severity of the illness. Her discourse aimed to dispel misconceptions and provide clarity. She stressed the significance of understanding sugar level readings and emphasized lifestyle choices for effective diabetes control. Dr. Muthukuda’s comprehensive talk highlighted the importance of holistic well-being, equipping the audience with valuable insights for a healthier, more informed life.

The forum also hosted a panel discussion comprising a distinguished and diverse panel of specialists, including Dr. Dimuthu Muthukuda, Dr. D.K.D. Mathew – Consultant General Practitioner; Dr. Amila De Silva – Consultant Eye Surgeon; Dr. Chandrika Ponnamperuma – Consultant Cardiologist; Dr. Udana Rathnapala – Consultant Nephrologist; and Dr. Renuka Jayatissa – Consultant Nutritionist.

During the engaging Q&A session, the panel addressed many queries from participants. These ranged from the intricacies of insulin intake and the effects of prescribed medications on organs, particularly the kidneys, and important nutrition tips, to identifying symptoms and taking timely actions to mitigate the impact of diabetes on overall health. The specialists also provided valuable insights into how diabetes can affect eyesight, offering practical advice on safeguarding ocular health.

Beyond addressing participant queries, the panel took a proactive stance in dispelling prevalent myths surrounding diabetes. They debunked misconceptions, providing participants with accurate and actionable information.

Damitha Weragoda, a well-known Fitness and Zumba Instructor, injected lively energy into the sessions, emphasizing the crucial role of physical activities in combating diabetes.

Dr. Kayathri Periasamy, Founder of Suwa Diviya, commented on the event’s success, stating, “It’s heartening to see the community come together in our collective pursuit of health. The expert sessions and insightful discussions were invaluable in disseminating much-needed information to the public. Suwa Diviya remains committed to fostering discussions and encouraging mindful approaches, empowering individuals and communities to face the challenges of diabetes with confidence.”

Dr. Chamari Pandithage, Suwa Diviya’s Medical Coordinator, spoke about Suwa Diviya’s initiatives, which include free awareness programs for Sri Lankan corporates and schools, and support groups connecting individuals with doctors for effective diabetes management.

For those seeking more information or wishing to join Suwa Diviya’s Support Groups, please contact Suwa Diviya at 0773533791 or follow us on Facebook.

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