HelaPay crosses LKR 1 BN digital transactions within 2 years

Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing digital payment brand, HelaPay, announced that it has crossed Rs. 1 Billion in total transactions through its innovative payment method. This landmark milestone underscores Helapay’s rapid ascent in the local financial technology sector, having accomplished this feat in just two years since its launch in 2021.

Introduced by Helakuru, Helapay has been committed to revolutionising the way financial transactions are conducted in Sri Lanka, offering users a seamless and innovative payment experience. The Rs. 1 Billion milestone symbolises the trust placed in Helapay by its growing user base. It reflects the widespread adoption of its user-friendly and secure platform. Currently, the Helakuru Superapp has nearly 5 million monthly active users who are rapidly adopting to its in-app digital payment method, HelaPay. This is a further testament to the platform’s widespread adoption and financial impact.

HelaPay’s success over the last two years is attributed to its simplicity & innovative features. Available on Android and iOS with local language support, HelaPay seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, including fingerprint or Face ID to authorize online transactions, resulting in efficient and convenient financial transactions. Central to its success is also the trust of the Helakuru Superapp’s user community, underscoring its commitment to security and reliability and nurturing a dedicated user base. Additionally, Helapay’s milestone reflects a broader positive impact, contributing to Sri Lanka’s financial inclusion and digital empowerment.

Helakuru and HelaPay Founder Dhanika Perera commented on this achievement, “At Helakuru, our ultimate vision is to empower Sri Lankans through digital technologies. In such a context, we are thrilled to announce this significant milestone of HelaPay, the in-app digital payment method we introduced through Helakuru. Surpassing Rs. 1 Billion in total transactions within two years is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication and the trust our users have placed in us. Our commitment to innovation aims to empower thousands of Sri Lankan masses, fostering a transformative era in how transactions are conducted across the country.”

HelaPay has evolved into Sri Lanka’s most straightforward cashless payment solution, offering unparalleled simplicity and convenience for users in the digital financial landscape. It seamlessly integrates with LankaPay National Payment Network and is endorsed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, HelaPay offers a secure and efficient means of digital financial transactions. With regulatory approval, the app ensures a trusted and reliable experience, empowering users with confidence and ease. HelaPay is exploring its next groundbreaking innovation, promising an even more seamless and innovative digital payment experience for Sri Lankan Masses.

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