Kavi Rajapaksha bids farewell to Softlogic Life, leaving a lasting legacy

After an illustrious seven-year tenure at Softlogic Life, trailblazing marketing professional Kavi Rajapaksha bids a fond farewell, marking the end of an era in the company’s vibrant history. Rajapaksha’s departure comes as she completes her role as the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Softlogic Life.

Under Kavi Rajapaksha’s visionary leadership, Sri Lankans experienced some of the most memorable and impactful marketing communication campaigns affiliated with Softlogic Life, solidifying its position as Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing life insurer. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behaviour, Rajapaksha played a pivotal role in crafting and executing award-winning campaigns that elevated the brand and resonated deeply with every Sri Lankan.

Joining the organisation as a Senior Manager Marketing in 2016, Kavi’s first leap into fame in the local marketing fraternity was the iconic ‘Leda Leda’ campaign. The campaign, which won the coveted ‘Brand of the Year’ award at Effie Awards 2019 and many other accolades, changed the perception of insurance in the country and became the most talked about piece of communication in 2019 for its creativity, effectiveness, execution quality and engaging value. From the inception, Kavi and the team drove the higher purpose of enhancing the quality of Sri Lankan lives versus marketing products or services. She broke the barriers to go against accepted industry norms and produced positive, relevant, engaging communication instead of the usual negative, fear-mongering commercials to inspire people to live happy, healthy lives.

During her tenure Kavi continued to lead her young, dynamic team towards launching iconic campaigns such the revival of “Monwada Mutte” and “Me Rata Mage Rata” which have been regifted to the current generation in a relevant form, postal insurance launch which garnered many local and global awards, the vegetable Christmas tree and the list goes on.

Amongst other successful campaigns, Kavi and her team were able to create history with the launching of Sri Lanka’s first artificial intelligence (AI) TV commercial, recreating four of the most iconic music legends of the country: H.R.Jothipala, Milton Mallawarachchi, Clarence Wijewardena and Sunil Perera, using “deepfake” technology. The landmark campaign made Softlogic Life the first company in Sri Lanka to produce a Ai supported commercial, inspiring other brands in the country to explore the possibilities of this technology in their marketing strategies with meticulous adherence to legal and ethical requirements. The team led by Kavi approached this project with utmost care and crafted means of honouring them despite the lack of laws regarding AI while approaching each family to discuss and understand their feedback. This crucial campaign paved the first step of a successful journey of embracing Ai technology for marketing communication for all industries across Sri Lanka.

Under Kavi Rajapaksha’s exceptional leadership, Softlogic Life garnered widespread recognition and acclaim through a string of prestigious awards at both local and global ceremonies. The company’s innovative and impactful marketing communication campaigns earned accolades across various categories, solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the insurance industry. Some awards ceremonies included The Effie Awards, SLIM Brand Excellence, SLIM Digi Awards, Global Smarties wards and SMARTIES APAC. Her strategic vision and commitment to excellence elevated Softlogic Life’s profile in the industry and positioned the company as a benchmark for innovation and effectiveness in marketing. These accolades serve as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the entire team under Rajapaksha’s leadership, showcasing Softlogic Life’s dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the dynamic landscape of insurance marketing.

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