Lina Manufacturing receives prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification

Lina Manufacturing, the pharma manufacturing arm of Sunshine Holdings PLC, announced that the Company has earned ISO 9001:2015/SLS ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system (QMS) implemented within its manufacturing plant in Kadawatha. This certification, conferred by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), underscores the company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in quality management across its diverse production scopes.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification scheme covers all production scopes at Lina Manufacturing, encompassing dry powder inhalation, capsules, inhaler devices, cardiovascular oral drugs, cream, and nasal spray. Notably, the certification extends to include the newly added cream line and Nasal Spray line, effective from August 1, 2023. This expansion reinstates the company’s proactive approach to aligning its quality management processes with global standards, ensuring conformity and sustainability throughout its operations.

Lina Manufacturing Chief Executive Officer T. Sayandhan stated, “The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and our dedication to meeting and exceeding global standards. It is a reflection of the collective effort of our team and their commitment to ensuring the safety and efficacy of our pharmaceutical products.”

Lina Manufacturing has long championed Sunshine Group’s ethos ” Bringing Good Things to Life” through its dedication to producing pharmaceutical products of the highest caliber for the local market. The certification marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, affirming the paramount responsibility shared by all employees in the supply chain to ensure the consistent delivery of safer, quality, and efficacious products for consumers.

The global recognition afforded by the ISO 9001:2015 certification not only validates the competency of Lina Manufacturing’s quality management system but also serves as a catalyst for future business expansions into new markets. The certification provides a solid foundation for the company’s endeavors to reach new heights of success and reaffirms its position as a reliable and quality-focused pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Lina Manufacturing remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the quality of life through the production of pharmaceuticals that embody excellence, safety, and efficacy. The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a testament to the company’s commitment to these principles and sets the stage for continued growth and success in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

About Lina Manufacturing

Acquired in 2021, Lina is the manufacturing arm of Sunshine Healthcare Lanka, Sri Lanka’s first fully integrated healthcare company under Sunshine Holdings PLC. Lina mainly operates in the respiratory space, specializing in patented dry-powder inhalers (DPIs), and as of today is the only producer of metered dose inhalers (MDIs) in the local market. Lina Manufacturing supplies a range of respiratory products to both the government and private sector, and currently manufactures six lines of products, with a focus on asthma therapy, namely, the dry powder capsules, tablets, nasal sprays, devices, metered dose inhalers, and creams. The Company continues to invest in research and development to introduce more sophisticated products to the local market. Currently, Lina manufacturing, production facility is the only WHO Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturing plant of locally formulated MDI products in Sri Lanka.

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