Gamer.LK Secures Double Wins at Dragons of Asia Marketing Awards

Gamer.LK, a pioneering Gaming & Esports Agency, showcases double award wins at the prestigious Dragons of Asia awards. The agency earned the Bronze Award for its outstanding work on the “Dialog – SLESA All Island Free Fire Championship” campaign, a collaborative effort with the Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA) and Dialog. Additionally, Gamer.LK clinched a Black Award (Merit) for its groundbreaking “ViewSonic Gaming South Asia Metaverse Launch” campaign, executed in partnership with ViewSonic Gaming Sri Lanka.

The Dragons of Asia awards, renowned for recognising excellence in marketing campaigns across the Asia-Pacific region, witnessed Gamer.LK standing out for its innovative and impactful strategies.

Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO of Gamer.LK, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are truly honored to receive these prestigious awards at the Dragons of Asia. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Gamer.LK team. Winning in two categories is a first for our company, and it reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and excellence in the gaming and Esports industry.”

The collaboration between Gamer.LK and ViewSonic Gaming marked the initiation of the first-ever South Asian metaverse. Timed strategically to capitalise on the Metaverse trend of 2022, the campaign targeted gaming enthusiasts in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. An influencer marketing strategy was employed, incorporating non-fungible token (NFT) avatars for key gaming influencers, adding a unique and personalised touch to the outreach.

The campaign achieved noteworthy success, boasting an impressive reach and extensive media coverage. This accomplishment not only demonstrated Gamer.LK’s adept understanding of the Metaverse trend but also highlighted their deep engagement with the gaming community.

The collaboration between SLESA, Dialog, and Gamer.LK for the “Dialog – SLESA All Island Free Fire Championship” showcased a remarkable achievement in the Esports and gaming landscape. Leveraging Gamer.LK’s strategic insights and the positioning of SLESA and Dialog, the tournament reached every district in Sri Lanka. Despite working within budget constraints, the event garnered significant attention and participation.

Gamer.LK continues to establish itself as a leader in the gaming and Esports marketing sector. The Dragons of Asia awards are a testament to their innovative and impactful campaigns, resonating not only within the gaming community but also with a broader audience.


Gamer.LK Secures Double Wins at Dragons of Asia Marketing Awards


Gamer.LK is Sri Lanka’s premier Games & Esports organisation with over 15 years of experience in organising Esports activities and tournaments in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK’s consistent efforts in organising Esports events and creating a holistic ecosystem around Esports and related activities have led to rapid growth in Esports in Sri Lanka. Gamer.LK has also extended its industry expertise to international markets, mainly in South Asia by creating experiences for the region such as the IGE South Asia Cup.

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