‘Connect to Care’ by Chandita Samaranayake forges a path towards positive social impact in Sri Lanka

Forms strategic partnerships with global entities to deliver mutual benefit for public and private organisations

Renowned Sri Lankan tech entrepreneur Chandita Samaranayake has launched Connect to Care, a pioneering charitable consulting firm aimed at delivering mutual benefit for corporates, non-profits, and government partners through strategic deployment of social impact initiatives. The firm collaborates with prestigious organisations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), World Bank, PATH, Global Health Strategies, Sarvodaya, Roshan Mahanama Trust, and Mithuru Mithuro.

With a profound commitment to fostering purpose-driven collaborations, the firm specialises as a bridge between international entities, local partners, and government bodies. Connect to Care excels in identifying, cultivating, and managing strategic alliances and collaborations that pave the way for partners to achieve long-term goals. The firm’s expertise extends to holistic project management, coordinating stakeholder meetings, ensuring alignment with project objectives, and maintaining project momentum through meticulous decision documentation and effective action item tracking.

Additionally, Connect to Care navigates complex landscapes, guiding partners through bureaucratic obstacles, governmental intricacies, and cultural nuances, enabling them to concentrate on their core mission. The firm’s strategic advocacy services leverage knowledge of political landscapes, legislative processes, and industry dynamics to influence public policies, regulations, and industry standards. Connect to Care also prioritises effective communication, streamlining channels for sharing minutes of meetings, progress reports, and essential updates to promote transparency and mutual accountability among stakeholders.

Commenting on his newest venture, Connect to Care Founder and Chairman Chandita Samaranayake said, “I am honoured to launch Connect to Care, a venture deeply rooted in the belief that positive change requires purposeful collaboration and strategic action. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to making a meaningful impact in a world faced with multifaceted challenges. Connect to Care serves as a bridge between entities, facilitating partnerships that transcend borders, industries, and sectors.”

Connect to Care aims to stand as a beacon of change with a dedicated focus on ten key areas that are pivotal for societal well-being. The firm is deeply committed to alleviating poverty, recognising it as a fundamental challenge that requires purposeful and sustainable solutions. Addressing the critical issues of food security and nutrition, Connect to Care aims to ensure that everyone has enough nutritious food for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Furthermore, the company takes a stand against drug abuse, advocates for childhood cancer awareness and prevention, and works towards creating an inclusive world for children with disabilities. The firm’s endeavours extend to promoting overall health and well-being, empowering financial independence through initiatives related to financial inclusion, and advancing sustainable farming practices and communities through agriculture development. In each of these focus areas, Connect to Care brings purpose-driven solutions to the forefront, embodying its commitment to positively impacting diverse facets of society.

“Our focus on poverty alleviation, food security, climate change, and other critical areas reflects a dedication to addressing pressing issues and fostering sustainable solutions. We believe that by working together with corporations, non-profits, and government partners, we can create a ripple effect of positive change, influencing policies, improving lives, and building a more inclusive and sustainable future. Connect to Care is not just a consulting firm; it’s a catalyst for purpose-driven progress, and I am excited about the transformative journey we are embarking upon,” said Samaranayake further.

With a keen awareness of the urgent need to combat climate change, the firm actively engages in initiatives contributing to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Recently, Connect to Care played a massive role in hosting the inaugural ‘International Climate Change Forum’ (ICCF) in Sri Lanka, which served as a global congregation of experts, policymakers, scientists and practitioners, bringing together to tackle the critical issues linked to climate change collectively. ICCF was organised by the Sri Lanka Presidential Secretariat and supported by influential entities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, IFC, FAO, UNDP, and USAID.

Recently, Connect to Care facilitated a strategic meeting between President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, on the sidelines of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai. The discussions centred on solutions to pressing global issues and the constructive role and leadership Sri Lanka can provide for the world’s tropical belt.

Connect to Care actively engages in transformative projects that underscore its commitment to creating positive change. The Inclusive Digital Agriculture Transformation (IDAT) project in Sri Lanka, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is at the forefront of developing a comprehensive strategy for digital agricultural transformation. This initiative aims to enhance inclusivity and understanding of the existing digital and physical infrastructure, ecosystem maturity, and business and policy environments.

Simultaneously, the firm plays a crucial role in fortifying the School Meal Programme in Sri Lanka, addressing nutrition and food security challenges through rice fortification. This comprehensive plan, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through the World Food Programme, involves private sector engagement, regulatory compliance, and environmental considerations.

Connect to Care also plans to take national capacity development to the next level by bringing together members from South-South Cooperation to achieve shared objectives. Their comprehensive regional program aims to exchange knowledge, skills, resources and technical know-how to create sustainable solutions backed by strong policies. Additionally, the organisation plans to involve high net worth individuals, investors, private sectors, diaspora, and stakeholders in national development while aiming to create a neutral platform to facilitate collaboration with multilateral, development and donor agencies, and the government of Sri Lanka. Connect to Care also plans to empower the youth by engaging them at school and university levels to transfer ownership of these programs to the next generation.

Connect to Care is guided by a seasoned advisory board comprised of industry experts and thought leaders with extensive experience in various fields, including Prof. Sarath Amunugama (Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya), Dinesh Weerakkody (Chairman of Board of Investments Sri Lanka), Erik Solheim (Former UN Environment Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations), Roshan Mahanama (Chairperson of Roshan Mahanama Trust, Past Sri Lanka Cricket Captain and ICC Elite Panel Match Referee), Dr. Vinya S Ariyaratne (Honorary President of Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka), Anjali Nayyar (Executive Vice President for Global Health Strategies), Kalyani Dahanayake (Former Commissioner General of Inland Revenue) and Shamir Zavahir (Former Head of Reforms at Ministry of Justice Sri Lanka). The strength of Connect to Care’s leadership lies in the collective wisdom and strategic insight brought by its advisory board members. Their diverse backgrounds and deep knowledge shape Connect to Care’s vision and enhance its ability to navigate complex challenges.

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