Samsung Sri Lanka Invites Consumers to Embrace 2024 with a Smart Start to a New Year and a New You

As 2023 has ended, Samsung Electronics stands as the epitome of home electronics excellence. Synonymous with premium quality products seamlessly blending functionality, style, and user-friendly interfaces, Samsung invites consumers to embark on a journey into the New Year with a focus on smart living.

Securing its position as Sri Lanka’s Most Loved Home Appliance brand by Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy underscores Samsung’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and a dedicated passion for continuous innovation. This prestigious acknowledgment solidifies Samsung’s pledge to maintain its leadership in the home electronics market by consistently innovating and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Continuing to push the boundaries of picture quality and innovation, Samsung introduced products with the latest technologies. In 2017, Samsung defined the term “next-generation display” by unveiling the first QLED TV, utilizing quantum dot technology to achieve 100 percent color volume for the first time in the industry. In 2018, the company launched the groundbreaking QLED 8K, followed by the Quantum Mini LED-backed Neo QLED and the self-illuminating MICRO LED in 2021. This collection of innovative technologies redefined the standard for TV picture quality and set new industry benchmarks each time.

As such, Samsung’s leadership in the TV manufacturing market for 17 consecutive years is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing the most innovative products with consumer-centric designs and upgraded user experiences. This remarkable achievement reflects Samsung’s unwavering dedication to providing premium viewing experiences and user-centered design, with the Neo QLED lineup leading the industry in setting new benchmarks.

Beyond market leadership, Samsung believes that sustainability begins at home. Its innovative solutions incorporated into kitchen and living appliances, backed by the 20-year warranty, support active sustainable solutions for households. Samsung introduces a revolutionary 20-year warranty on its Digital Inverter Motor for Washing Machines and Digital Inverter Compressor for Refrigerators. This initiative is designed to offer consumers peace of mind, ensuring product durability, reducing e-waste, and providing access to high-quality, sustainable appliances.

Samsung’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability is evident in its Digital Inverter Technology, which extends the usage of appliances, reduces environmental waste, and provides peace of mind to users through reliability. With this 20-year warranty, Samsung assures consumers of durability and accessibility to parts for maintenance and service for two decades.

Anticipating 2024, Samsung is poised to unveil innovative additions to its product lineup in the Sri Lankan market. The company’s commitment to innovation is further demonstrated through the development of intuitive technology with SmartThings, enabling seamless integration and connectivity of multiple devices.

Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and consumer satisfaction makes it the natural choice for consumers seeking advanced and efficient home electronics that stand the test of time. As you step into the New Year, consider the unrivaled combination of cutting-edge technology, sustainable solutions, and a legacy of customer trust that only Samsung can provide. Choose Samsung for 2024 – a year where your smart choices in home electronics begin and endure with the brand that defines excellence in every innovation.

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