Empowers youth of Jaffna District – Two group of ‘Kelani Shakthi’ students awarded certificates, 200 new recruits enrolled

Sri Lanka’s number 1 safety cable brand, Kelani Cables awarded certificates for 2 groups of students who successfully completed the one-year electrical wiring course conducted under its leading and award-winning social care program ‘Kelani Shakthi’. The awarding ceremony was held at the Jaffna University recently.

The presentation of the 4th and 5th groups of the ‘Kelani Shakthi’ electrical engineering course was held under the patronage of Kelani Cables PLC ‘s Managing Director, Mahinda Saranapala, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Anil Munasinghe and Vice-Chancellor of Jaffna University, Professor S Srisatkunarajah. Kilinochchi District Secretary R Ketheeswaran and Deputy General Manager of Northern Province Electricity Board, Engineer S. Prabhaharan participated as special guests. This one-year electrician course which provides a university certificate is conducted for school leavers and those who are self-employed as electric technicians. The 6th and 7th groups of the course consisting of 200 students were also enrolled at the event.

Under the patronage of Managing Director Kelani Cables Mahinda Saranapala the ‘Kelani Shakthi’ electrical technician course was introduced by Jayantha Wijesinghe Co-Initiator & Coordinator, Kelani Saviya/Kelani Shakthi programs and the former dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna, Professor A. Atpothuraja in 2014 as a public – private sector project. 

Prior to this   in 2007, according to a concept of former professor at Peradeniya University J.B. Ekanayake and then Assistant Marketing Manager Kelani Cables Jayantha Wijesinghe Kelani Saviya the one-year electrician course was started by a state university and a private sector company as the first CSR  program of its kind launched together. 

It commenced with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Hemantha Perera, former Managing Director of Kelani Cables and former Vice Chancellor of the Peradeniya   University, Professor S.B.S. Abeykoon.  Although the agreement was to end in 2012, with the intervention of the current Managing Director of Kelani Cables Mahinda Saranapala, the necessary funds were provided to continue the successful social care program in Sri Lanka.

 Addressing the certificate awarding ceremony of the ‘Kelani Shakthi’ social care program Managing Director of Kelani Cables Mahinda Saranapala said although Kelani Cables have participated in various social care programs throughout the year Kelani Shakthi program is unique to their company.

” We are proud of being able as a local company to provide a comprehensive course with an internationally recognized certificate in domestic and industrial electrical wiring to students who selected electrical engineering as a self-employment profession and enlighten the lives of the youth of the country. I wish the youth who received the certificates with the knowledge they gained will be able to serve the country and make their lives successful.”

Jaffna University Vice-Chancellor, Professor in Mathematics S. Srisatkunarajah   who joined the ‘Kelani Shakthi’ award ceremony said, ‘The business community has rendered a lot of effective and valuable corporate social responsibility services to the citizens of this country and due to various difficulties, they are limited to the areas near Colombo only. But Kelani Cables coming to Jaffna with an electrical technical course that can light up the lives of the youth of the district is the fulfillment of a wonderful responsibility. For that the company deserves the respect of the entire Northern Province. And our university makes this program more complete by adding current values as an honour for the support shown to us by the Kelani Cables Company.’ 

Kilinochchi District Secretary R Ketheeswaran who participated as a guest at the certificate awarding ceremony said that ‘Kelani Shakthi’ program is very special social care because it provides extraordinary practical and theoretical knowledge   for professional competence free of charge by a national university. She said although all love to join a university for further education very few people get the opportunity for that. But that opening has been created by the ‘Kelani Shakthi’ social care program for children in the north and it’s the children’s responsibility to get the most out of it.
Sales Manager, Channa Jayasinghe said as Sri Lanka’s premier safety wire manufacturer, the theme of Kelani Cables is also safety first. ‘Hence our company strongly believed that there must be the highest safety in all constructions using electric wires.  As one of its steps, we provide electricians the latest knowledge in laying electric wires.  Also, through Kelani Shakthi’ and Kelani Saviya we provide university education under the theme of ‘Safety First’ to produce skilled technicians for Sri Lanka as well as foreign countries.

Another highlight of the certificate awarding ceremony was the felicitation of Mahinda Saranapala, Managing Director of Kelani Cables and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Anil Munasinghe for introducing ‘Kelani Shakti’ CSR program to the Northern people and continuing it for 8 consecutive years enabling their youth to stand on their feet. Mahinda Saranapala, Managing Director of Kelani Cables PLC and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Anil Munasinghe were honoured by draping them with a golden shawl according to Hindu rituals by Vice-Chancellor, Professor, S. Srisatkunaraja.

Ralph Roshan Rajasundaram, Deputy General Manager- Sales , Kelani Cables said, ‘Kelani Cables is a company that sees the future. This social care program is also a result of us foreseeing the country’s future job shortage. Even now there is a shortage of skilled electricians. By 2030, that will increase by four times. Therefore, it is up to the certified students to make the most of this course.

Kilinochchi District Secretary R.  Ketheeswaran, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. K. Pirapaharan, Deputy General Manager of Northern Province Electricity Board, S. Prabhaharan also addressed the assembly. Kelani Cables Chief Operations Manager, Upul Mahanama, Kelani Saviya/ Kelani Shakthi Co-initiator and Coordinator Jayantha Wijedinghe and Jaffna University Head of Department of Electronic Engineering Prof. K Ahilanda also participated.

 Kelani Cables PLC which is a 100% local company, over the past 53 years has claimed many quality certificates offered local and abroad. Among them are the ISO 9001 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. Also, the company has won many prestigious awards, including the World Class Global Performance Excellence Awards in 2017 and 2019. Kelani Cables in the years 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2019 won the SLIM Brand Excellence gold Award in the B2B category and in 2018 baged the SLIM Brand Excellence Silver Award in the B2B category. The company also won the silver award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Brand at SLIM Brand Excellence Awards in 2015 and 2018. In 2016 the company was awarded the Workplace Cooperation Gold Award and the Silver in the National HR Excellence Awards. It also in the same year won the Gold for Best Green Reporting Award and the National Quality Award given for Business Excellence at Presidential Environment Awards Ceremony 2016.  And in 2015 and 2016 Kelani Cables also won the Award for Asia’s Best Employer Brand.

 Kilinochchi District Secretary R Ketheeswaran
Dr. Anil Munasinghe, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Kelani Cables PLC

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